Biden Steals Valor in Colorado in a Highly Doubtful Speech

With the most recent inflation numbers expected to be released on Thursday (and there's no reason to believe they'll be impressive), it was a good opportunity to send Joe Biden away from Washington and free of any responsibility for his disastrous decisions. The president went to Vail, CO, to discuss national monuments and to support Senator Michael Bennett, who faces a surprisingly tough opponent with Republican Joe O'Dea prior to November's elections.

The speech that followed was extremely questionable speech, with the usual odd aspects that are to be expected when Biden makes public appearances. There was some stolen valor as well, given that Biden recited a lie which he's insinuated several times in the past.

For starters, Biden tried to make a joke, which typically doesn't go as well. It isn’t apparent what it was supposed refer to, but that is normal.

RNC Research tweeted “Joe Biden on Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet: ‘The reason why he's an environmentalist? He married one, otherwise he'd sleep alone.’” 

It seemed as if Biden suggests the idea that Bennett is a fraud and does not actually believe what that he says about but he merely follow the guidelines his wife provides him. That doesn’t seem to be a strong reason for Bennett's re-election.

In any case, then Biden commented on the lack of cliffs.

RNC Research tweeted “BIDEN: ‘I'm not sure I would've understood how important this was has I not gotten to seen — see — these parks. To stand there on the edge of a cliff in the Rio Grande to, you know, looking at one thing and it's just, there's not many cliffs.’”

There are, in reality, numerous cliffs, particularly along the Rio Grande. It's possible to forgive Biden for getting lost, however. Biden is incredibly old and frail and that's rarely more apparent than when he tries to relay a story from his life that might not have actually occurred. In the past, he attempted to make use of the common ground by lying about the severity of a house fire that occurred in his childhood.

These kinds of exaggerations were used in the recent speech also. In one instance, Biden bizarrely claimed that his son, Beau Biden, “lost his life in Iraq.”

The president's persistent attempt to make it appear that his son was killed in battle is a travesty and amounts to theft of courage, which is something that normal people are cancelled over. It is also not a mistake made by a naive person. Biden has repeatedly, throughout the years, offered the false claim, even though this could be his most explicit lie to date.

In fact, Beau Biden died of cancer shortly after leaving Iraq where he worked as an attorney. There is no evidence that suggests that his illness was connected to his service, but even if it was, this doesn’t suggest that he “lost his life in Iraq.”

If someone from the Republican side claimed such a thing, the “fact-checking” industry would go crazy over repairing the record. In this scenario, there is no way that the mainstream media would say any word, and not because the issue is delicate. They will not say anything as it would mean they are being fair in exposing the dishonesty.

Every day, there's an absurdity that is reiterated by President Biden and there's never any accountability for it.

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