The Need for God in Politicians’ Hearts

The October 2022 meltdown of Los Angeles politics and politicos in addition to the entertainment it provides, gives a powerful confirmation of Lord Acton's principle that power corrupts, whereas absolute power corrupts absolutely. The most frequently cited theorem of liberals is that only white people are capable of racism. That doesn’t include the white liberals who claim that. For these people, the shocking fact is that when it is about racism and desire for financial and political power, all shades of the dermis are willing participants in the evil game.

It shouldn't be a surprise that diverse groups are willing to speak and act as is necessary, even making statements about biases which, if they were to originate from white people, could cause a swift cancellation, to be elevated in their victimhood. The more “oppressed” one claims to be, the more free they are of any moral accountability for their actions. If one is able to determine the best way to earn money out of the situation, it's all the better for the person. Never underestimate the capacity of other people to be tolerant towards the ones who say they are on their side in the fight against those who bear the blame for their misery, living extravagantly, and imitating them in every way possible. Why? It is through believing in the idea that they aren't actually bad people because they are “one of us.” They aren't one of us. The color of their skin does not create an automatic connection.

There's a video clip that shows the beloved Norm MacDonald, who was interviewed by Larry King. In the course of the interview, he tells King the unsettling fact that people have a God-shaped hole in their hearts.

We frequently and logically accuse many politicians of having holes in their heads. But, it's not the most serious issue. The bigger issue is the God-shaped hole in their hearts that has left them without a moral compass and completely ignorant of their inability to govern effectively.

Adopting pride, which is the the top of the seven things God hates according to the Bible, is often a politician's ultimate downfall. The politician that believes they have the absolute right to control and dictate the terms of life to other people has no idea that their time on earth is measured. They are not embracing the truth, especially those who claim that people are playing God eventually show their complete incompetence on the job. They're the political equivalent of Steve Taylor's cocky businessman saying, “They say you can’t take it with you? We’ll see about that, won’t we!”

The people who have a God-shaped hole in their hearts perceive things as a function of race and gender. People who are in Christ recognize and live by Paul's declaration that “(i)n this new life, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave, or free. Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us.” Christianity has no need for racial or ethnic pride.

The pathetic spectacle of unapologetically fighting over newly-opened city council positions that allow them to take as much tax money as feasible is clear for all to see. Those who know that life starts at the Cross must approach this foolishness with regret about the people who are wasting their lives and money. Christ sacrificed His life for these people just as He did to save all mankind. It is sad to see them openly expose how they're wasting their lives on a temporary financial gain. The God-shaped cracks in the hearts of politicians cause them to fall into ruin as they threaten our rights and wellbeing. Our response should be to pray that they will let Jesus fill their hearts. 

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