Dem Rep. Makes an Epic ‘Freudian Slip’ Regarding Voters During Debate in Minnesota

It has been reported a lot recently about Democrats declining to debate, for example, Katie Hobbs in the race for governor of Arizona against Kari Lake. Given her poor performance, it's not surprising that she's refused to debate.

If they do debate, it often has disastrous results. A debate took place on Wednesday between Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham and Republican Mark Ronchetti in the race for governor of New Mexico. One might think it was already bad enough when Ronchetti attacked Lujan Grisham, as he made reference to the allegations of sexual harassment against her and she settled with a non-disclosure deal and didn't make the proper declarations the allegations on her disclosure forms for campaigning.

However, that wasn't the only shocking moment during the final day of the debates that pitted Democrats against Republicans. Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) debated Republican Tyler Kistner in their only debate in the race for the 2nd District. Craig is probably fortunate that she doesn’t have to debate again after her remarks.

She said the quiet part out loud:

“I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!” Craig exclaimed.

Yes, she did actually say that and local media coverage confirmed it. They refered to it as a “slip of the tongue.” Some might refer to it as a Freudian slip. 

It wasn't the only time Craig made a big mistake this week. Craig has tried to distance herself from Joe Biden and pretend that she's “bipartisan.” But she just a make a fake commercial with a man who claimed to be the “lifelong Republican.”

As per the Free Beacon, the man, David Vesledahl voted in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, as per voter lists. In fact, he doesn't reside within the 2nd District, so he cannot even cast a vote in favor of Craig. It isn’t clear why Democrats make this mistake because they are usually caught whenever they do this. This is not good when you find yourself in the middle of an absurd lie.

According to Real Clear Politics numbers for the most recent study, Craig was only up by one point over Kistner. The race is thought to be a “toss-up” by both RCP and Cook Political Report. This makes it a high potential for Kistner to win.

These facts will definitely help bring it closer.

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