Democrats Showing Signs of Delusion by Claiming “Biden Rising” Following Recent Polls

It was reported on Thursday that inflation actually increased in the last month, reaching 8.2 percent. Core CPI increased by 6.6 percent, which is the highest rate since 1982. For average Americans it, was the main news story today. In the end, inflation has destroyed their savings accounts for more than one year now.

In the meantime, in an alternate universe, Democrats decided it was a good time to perform two unimaginable things. One, further fixate on January 6th and two, claim that Joe Biden is “rising” just in time for the important mid-term elections. 

Biden's chief of staff, Ronald Klain, bragged about a poll showing Biden at 45 percent approval, and Democrat hack Simon Rosenberg attempted to do the same thing.

If you take the into account the effect of inflation since Biden became president, Americans have lost about 15% of their purchasing power. This is a significant amount of money that is going to be spent on the same goods they previously bought at a lower cost. However, in the midst of all this, Klain and Rosenberg want you to know that a random poll reveals a small percentage of voters like Joe Biden. What's the message? “Yeah, our guy isn’t doing that great, but he is doing better than he was a few months ago!”

It's shocking to watch a chief of staff for the president actually announce a poll that shows his boss with just 45 percent approval. Democrats are constantly redefining every aspect of their lives to suit them, but a 45 percent approval rate is not a good sign historically.

For instance, Donald Trump sat at 43.4 percent approval on the day prior to the mid-term elections of 2018. Can you guess what the RCP average has Biden at right now? You've guessed it, 43.4 percent. Trump actually saw his approval rating rise to above 45 percent prior to the election that year. Did Rosenberg and Klain declare “Trump Rising” based on this result in the year 2000? No, of course not because it's absurd. Any president who is low in approval ratings, as Biden is at present, will be hit in the first mid-term election of his presidency.

Here's the reality for Democrats. The fundamentals of the election haven't changed. However, what has changed is the the extreme-left Democrats who were angry that Biden was not a full-blown communist during his first two years are now coming back. They're never going to vote Republican. But that doesn't mean there's anything genuine concerning Biden's modest increase in his approval. It's the exact opposite.

It won’t be “different” this time. Democrats will not be able to avoid the historical trends to surprise everyone by retaining their position in the House of Representatives because Biden's approval rating is only a bit higher instead of completely off the charts. In short, we're at the worst period of the electoral cycle, when partisans try to convince themselves that they're unique. Here’s some news for Klain, Rosenberg, and others. There's nothing special about you, and November isn't going to be a good month for you.

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