Lauren Boebert Reveals Alleged Blackmail Plan Involving Her Opponent

We are in the worst part of the political cycle. With November drawing near and only days to go until election day, Democrats are going crazy trying to keep the money flowing in.

An extension of that is the notion that Republicans who live in districts that are overwhelmingly red might be in danger, even in the current election climate. For example, Lauren Boebert is supposedly losing in the Trump +8 district as per new polls.

Of course, anyone who's an experienced political observer will know that “Center Street PAC” puts out false polls that don't represent the reality. Look at the sample. There were 144 registered voters. The margin of error was 40 percent. It is comical that someone would ever use their name on this garbage. This is the same group that released polls on Tuesday showing Mark Kelly beating Blake Masters by 17 points in Arizona. It isn’t surprising.

At the end of the day, this isn’t complex. Lauren Boebert isn't going to lose. On Thursday, she dropped a politically-motivated explosive bomb against her opponent. 

A man who owned a taxi service and storage facility in Aspen, Colorado, has claimed on video tape to the Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) campaign and in a separate exclusive interview with Breitbart News he allegedly blackmailed high profile congressional candidate Democrat Adam Frisch with surveillance footage of him showing up to a storage unit facility where, according to the business owner, Frisch was caught allegedly having an affair…

…The business owner, a man named Todd Gardner, alleges on video shown to Breitbart News that he successfully blackmailed Frisch, then a city councilman in Aspen, Colorado, into changing his vote on the Aspen City Council regarding a crucial multi-million dollar transportation project. Gardner has reaffirmed those allegations to Breitbart News in a separate interview.

There's corruption, and then there is another level of corruption with the blackmailing of people to alter a city council vote. This is enough to conclude this story. If you believe that what Gardner asserts to be true, it is over for Frisch. He wasn't going to be a winner anyway, but it is nice to have assurances in politics.

It really is shocking that the man has come out and admitted that he blackmailed. This is criminal. At least he shouldn’t mention the word “blackmail” in describing what he did, right? This is a bizarre scene and causes questions as to what actually transpired and what didn't. According to Breitbart, Frisch has not provided any comment. 

Boebert probably wouldn’t have taken this from her campaign if it wasn’t factual. Perhaps they've seen the clip to confirm Gardner's assertions?

Whatever the case, she seems to be well-positioned to get re-elected, despite Democrat hopes that she'll get defeated after the redistricting. As with Marjorie Taylor Green in Georgia, some have gone too far, particularly in a political climate that isn't favorable to the ruling party. Democrats are better off not fooling themselves into thinking they can eliminate Republicans they dislike simply because they dislike them. More is needed to win an election.

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