Biden Gets Forgetful And Tells Weird Stories

We're engulfed in bizarre Biden moments. Previously, Biden made comments regarding the cost of gas within Los Angeles as weirdly having something to do with housing. Biden claimed that gas prices were always around $7.00 in the city, but it's increased from last week, and is over three dollars higher on average than what it was under the presidency of Donald Trump. The man also seemed to verbally threaten Saudi Arabia saying he had certain things to tell them but refused to reveal what these things were.

It would be logical to think that you'd see him traveling to states in the battleground to aid candidates. If he weren't so unpopular that candidates would not want him there in their campaigns. So, as we enter the final stretch of campaigning, it appears that he is mainly visiting secure blue zones.

Over the weekend, Biden was in Portland, Oregon, another safe blue zone, for an open town hall on “lowering costs.” But the meeting didn't go as planned and there was certain confusion among Biden regarding chairs for the crowd.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) attended the ceremony as well.

However, Biden did not seem to remember Ron Wyden's name even after he had introduced Ron Wyden to the crowd

You can tell that he is aware of the error but is searching to overcome it by using an example of one or more of the “tells”: he says “Look” and then tries to shift the focus to something else.

After that, Joe tried to explain to the public his idea to curb inflation that included the possibility of a tax credit to purchase an “energy-efficient coffee machine.”

Um, Joe? It's for other appliances that aren't a “coffee machine.” And since you might not have enough money to purchase the food items due to Bidenflation, it's likely that you're not looking to purchase a “coffee machine.”

Another indication of his decline came when Joe Biden couldn't even get the lines of the stories that he tells repeatedly right. We don't know whether they're real at all; the majority of what he claims is fabricated.

If you've listened to Biden enough, you will realize that this isn't the way it's supposed to unfold. Biden completely muddled the story and then added “Hollers.”

What is he “spreading the faith” about? The availability of abortion up to the time of birth? The message he's been propagating isn't exactly in line with the teachings of his Catholic beliefs.

They'll have to remove him following the midterms since he is failing rapidly.

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