Biden Proves He Is Wildly Out of Touch

Joe Biden was in Oregon when he addressed a town hall and was unable to remember the name of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) who he had introduced just a few days prior. He made up stories about inflation, along with some ambiguous remarks about his grandfather as well as coffee makers.

Biden was also spotted making a stop for ice cream when the two were in Gresham, Oregon at a Baskin Robbins. He chose a double scoop of chocolate chip, which came in a waffle cone. In his speech on economic issues, Biden gave an actual “Let them eat ice cream moment” as he lied about the economy. “The economy is strong as hell,” Biden declared. Biden stated he didn't worry over things happening in the United States.

“I do not care about the strength of the dollar. I am worried about the rest of the world,” Biden declared.

“The economy is strong and robust,” he said. He attempted to minimize the rising cost of living by saying “Inflation is everywhere. The situation is worse everywhere than here in the United States. The issue is the absence of economic development […] in other countries.”

He has his head in the sand, or, in this instance, the ice cream. This is a “Let them eat ice cream” moment. He's disoriented. He's pouring ice Cream into his mouth trying to claim that the issue isn't just in his area, and he's not concerned, even as others struggle to make it. Some are trying to figure out their cost of living and cannot pay for the ice cream that he's putting in his face. The price is also higher under Biden. An average American family is now losing an average of $6,000 under Biden due to the rise in inflation which is up to $4200 from the beginning of September. It might be a small “concern” to Biden, but it is a large concern for American families. Biden's claim of it being more prevalent in other countries is also false.

Biden also focused on one of the women who was in the shop and went towards her to offer her a handshake. It's difficult to discern what he said, and Biden held her hand for longer than it was necessary in order to shake it. It's not difficult to observe how quickly the girl tried to pull her hands away from his.

Biden is also seen bending down to sniff at the hair of the lady sitting next to the girl. Biden was also seen kissing the top of her head.

It was the 2nd “creeping and sniffing” incident within two days. The previous Friday, the man placed his hand on a young girl's shoulder, and then made an insidious comment about her not being a serious woman until she was in her 30s while he was in California on Friday, at Irvine Valley College.

Have they not told the man to keep his hands and mouth to himself? If he’s been told, they should do it once more. Like his incoherence, this is getting out of hand too.

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