Journalists Rush to Cover for Fetterman

The Rolling Stone journalist committed a grave error on Saturday morning when she dared to expose what was true about Pennsylvania senator presidential candidate John Fetterman.

The slams have begun growing against the Democrat following a MSNBC interview which revealed that he's a lot less intelligent than the campaign previously stated. The fact that he requires closed captioning and, even then, he isn't able to comprehend what he's reacting to, led to a lot of voters feeling confused.

For several months, the Fetterman campaign claimed that his health was in generally good shape and he was well on his way to fully recover from the major stroke which he experienced in May. Last week, however, the switch flipped and it became difficult to conceal the truth. The story changed between “he's fine” to “he's disabled, and you are an ableist bigot if you question his fitness for office” in record time.

In this regard, Fetterman's main supporter is his wife, Gisele Fetterman. She went so far as to insist that we see “consequences” for the MSNBC reporter who revealed her husband's plight.

Instead of being mocked for this illiberal or tyrannical comment, Gisele Fetterman was given an article from Rolling Stone, written by “politics reporter” Kara Voght. When one writes an opinion piece that is slammed by a political group, and intended to further one's political goals, it is not uncommon for the quiet portion to often get uttered out loud. This was the case when Voght stated Gisele Fetterman, one of the “de facto” candidates over her husband.

After realizing what she'd done, the reporter quickly deleted her comment. Unfortunately, for the reporter, the internet lasts forever. And, of course, she was right.

You are saying that Fetterman is brain damaged and incapable of completing the task he wants to do, and that his wife is acting as the puppet master in the background? It's akin to the relationship that exists between Joe Biden and Jill Biden as Jill Biden acts as the former's handler on the public stage, leading Biden around and instructing him what to do.

What's it with the spouses of Democrat politicians and their open ambitions that they'll put them through the wringer in order to get ahead and retain power? The notion that Gisele Fetterman isn't a “political star,” as the article claims, is absurd. She desires fame and power very badly.

But here's the truth. Gisele Fetterman has not run for office. She's not been elected to any office and isn't expected to be running in November. She's not a factor and if she's considered to be the “de facto” candidate in place of her husband, then her husband must be removed from the race as soon as possible. It's not enticing or inspiring to think that Gisele Fetterman is anything other than what she really is.

What the removed tweet (and piece) set out, although she didn't intend for it to be revealed, is that John Fetterman isn't suitable to serve as a US senator. This is evident to anyone who wants to be honest with their thoughts. If the couple will not end this drama by themselves, then the voters will take a look in a couple of weeks when they go to the polls. Fetterman will not suddenly improve at the end of October.

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