New Poll Shows Good News for Election and Nation

The polls are showing plenty of positive things for Republicans at the moment.

One illustration of this is the latest Harvard-Harris poll, which contains several interesting points that demonstrate the reasons Democrats will be in a lot of trouble during the November elections. However, more than the midterms, it is good news for the nation, as there are indications that the radicalism of the Democrats has pushed more people towards the middle or left in the poll too.

A majority of respondents (57 percent) are of the opinion that the financial condition of their families is getting worse. Additionally, 84 percent of respondents disagree with Joe Biden and think we are experiencing a recession currently. The approval of Biden's leadership in the area of issues was not high all over all polls. However, GOP approval has risen over the past four months by four points to 49 percent. Democrat approval is at 46 percent. Former president Donald Trump is the most popular politician.

Political journalist Eddie Zipperer hit on some of the most important aspects of the poll in a fascinating Twitter conversation. He pointed out that the police rank as the third most revered institution, 24 points ahead of the FBI, 33 points more than the DOJ and 84 points more than Antifa. This is the reason Democrats have been swaying away from their pro-defunding of the police. Unfortunately, for their part, Americans remember who was at the heart of this.

The economy, inflation, and immigration are among the top three concerns for voters in this order. These are the most pressing issues that voters believe that the GOP really cares about. In contrast, voters view Democrats as unconnected on issues. The top 3 issues Democrats have to worry about aren't among the top issues people care about.

The top issues that are affecting the country the respondents said were more likely to vote GOP on issues like inflation (GOP+12) and crime (GOP+12) and the issue of immigration (GOP+11). The economy was not included in the graph that asked “How will each of the following issues affect your vote in the midterms for Congress.” Crime is the fourth most important issue for voters according to the poll.

One of the most memorable moments of the poll was this stunning result:

64 percent of respondents believe that the issue is caused by conscious politicians, and even many Democrats understand that this implies that Americans are on top of the issues.

People are attracted to the Republican platform which is centered around law and order and cutting government spending, in contrast to the Democratic platform that includes subsidies for electric vehicles, college loans, as well as pardoned cannabis offenders.

60% of people were in for this, with more than 45 percent being Democrats.

The poll revealed that even though Democrats have a habit of blaming “threats to democracy,” 36 percent of the GOP think that Joe Biden's win was not legitimate, and 33 percent of Democrats consider Trump's win illegal.

55% of Americans are skeptical of Joe Biden's health, and 68% believe Biden is too old.

In a hypothetical contest, Trump beats both Biden (45 to 43 percent) and Kamala Harris (49 to 38 percent).

The majority of people blame Biden for the rise in inflation, but do not trust Democrats to face the issue, and 43 percent believe that it is driving them towards the Republicans.

54 percent of Americans oppose the gas and energy policies in the Biden administration. 80 percent of respondents believe that lower prices for gasoline as well as energy independence need to be prioritized over the rise in price of gasoline and climate change.

The majority of Americans believe that Biden is responsible for the energy crisis and 65 percent support expanding our production and oppose lifting sanctions against Venezuela as well as Iran.

42 percent believe that Biden's policies on international affairs are pushing people towards Republicans.

A majority of people believe that it was a mistake to bail out student loans. They think that it should have been completed with Congressional approval. 41 percent believed that Biden's actions were more likely to influence them to vote Republican.

A majority of voters agreed that the laws on abortion should be enacted by the states. There are plenty of interesting findings here, but  the most important one shows that the American population, at the very least, as evident in this survey, are thinking straight.

That's great for America. It's also great news for Republicans who are in this election.

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