Chris Christie Dismantles Credibility of Jan. 6 Committee

Former Governor. Chris Christie created a firestorm on ABC News' “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday with his comments regarding the January. 6 Committee. Christie stated that for a lot of Republicans the Committee isn't credible. This is since they do not have actual Republicans who are on the Committee to argue in contradiction to the Democratic narrative.

The committee on January 6 had been “resigned to having a credibility problem because of the membership of the committee and the way that was done,” Christie began with a statement.

“There are many Republicans across the country who simply say there's no one to argue with the opposing side. Kinzinger and Cheney aren't arguing the other side, to the point that there are some disagreements,” Christie added before anchors George Stephanopoulos and Brazile jumped at his throat.

This comment has sparked anger from hosts George Stephanopoulos and fellow panelist Donna Brazile, both who have been Democratic agents.

Stephanopoulos said the other side is “no other side,” and Brazile wanted to know “What is the other side?” Christie talked about the possibility of questioning witnesses, something that you would typically get in a court hearing, but is not present here. He said instead that it was a show. Brazile was constantly yelling at Christie and wouldn't allow him to speak another word.

When he finally had the opportunity to talk again, Christie said, “There are lots of people inside the White House who now have convenient memories about things that didn't have memories about them before.” However the Trump team/Republicans were not given this option due to the fact that they're not allowed to question the story. It's not possible to learn that Trump told them to protest “peacefully and patriotically” at his rally prior to the protests. You're not permitted to inquire the reason Democrats were not able to conduct this as an ordinary hearing.

This is, however, the Democrats overall view. Trump is guilty of pushing an “insurrection”-because they say so. Trump is not entitled to defend himself. It does not matter what he did or the evidence that could be able to challenge their assumptions. They do not believe in the law of the land, they believe in the rules of the narrative. This is why every member of the Committee — even the Republicans, were strongly anti-Trump and selected for their political leanings. That's the reason House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in an unprecedented move, refused to accept those members picked by the Republican party who could have questioned the Democrats.

The person that should not be discussing “credibility” is Donna Brazile. Do you remember the time Brazile disclosed questions about the debate for Clinton staffers during the Democratic primary in the 2016 presidential race? The left even slammed Brazile.

However, Christie precisely stated that it's due to that fundamental inequity regarding the creation of the Committee that the majority of America have decided to turn the Committee off. They understand it's all about trying to find Trump guilty, not the riots or the rule-of-law.

“[I]t's very hard for Democrats to be able to make this a cutting issue, especially in the light of huge inflation, gas prices, crime in the streets, open borders, drug overdoses, those things are things that are affecting people's everyday lives and they don't see it that way,” Christie said.

This is the bottom line. Democrats are advocating for issues that aren't top concerns of voters. They believed they could utilize the day of Jan. 6 to attack Republicans. However, people are aware that they're biased and it's putting them in the wrong position since voters don't believe they are interested in anything else and the issues that are the most crucial to Americans.

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