Jill Biden Booed at Eagles Game

Jill Biden was in Philadephia on Sunday, and she attended the Eagles game against Dallas at Lincoln Financial Field.

Biden was chosen as honorary captain for the evening and was in midfield at the time of the coin toss. They showed her image on the large screen.

This is when the boos erupted. 

It had to be particularly cutting considering she's an Eagles fan.

In all truth, Americans are just fed up with the mess the couple have caused for our nation. In light of how much Joe Biden's actions are harming the people of America, it's only natural to reveal what they think when they have a chance. However, Joe Biden is just in denial and even claims that “the economy is strong as hell.”

John Fetterman better take note of this: Many people in Pennsylvania aren't pleased with the actions of Biden as well as fellow Democrats. There are many more who will be able to speak out on the day of the election.

However, for reasons unknown, even though videos appear within a matter of seconds of what's happening at a NFL game, there does not seem to be a video of this event as of yet. Local reporters and NFL writers are reporting that it took place. It's almost like some people don't want us to watch or hear it. Even Outkick has asked “We know this was a fact, so why does the video appear difficult to find?

There are other images.

She did sing in the battle tune, “Fly Eagles Fly.”

She did meet her with Sixers player Joel Embiid who was there during the game. There were only a tiny bit of height differences.

Some people had amusement with memes about that too.

But where's the video Philadelphia? What's the matter?

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