Kari Lake Has Great Reaction to Katie Hobbs CNN Meltdown

There's a reason Democratic governor contestant Katie Hobbs is not doing well in Arizona. She's avoiding debates with her Republican rival, Kari Lake. When confronted about it, she's unable to provide any reason why she's not engaging in a debate with Kari Lake, as we've previously reported.

Hobbs was on CNN on Sunday with Dana Bash. Bash asked why Hobbs was not able to participate in debates, and noted the fact that Bash did not even speak to Lake.

“She was just answering my questions for me a couple of times. Many Democrats are asking questions about the choice.” If she's so “dangerous to the democratic process” as Hobbs says, Bash asked, why did she not debate her?

Hobbs stated, “That's exactly what I am doing right now.”

It's not what you're doing right now. She's avoiding the debate, because she's afraid it could be difficult. She is looking for a more secure place from which to woo people and limit harm. However, for her it was clear that she was avoiding the discussion.

Hobbs also ran into problems regarding abortions in a matter that was not particularly difficult. Assuming that you wanted the public to know about your actual opinion.

Watch as Bash is trying to inquire of Hobbs what her opinion regarding abortion and if she believes in any limits whatsoever. She refuses to state her position that she supports any limits, thus taking the most extreme position.

If she's proud about the position, then why is she hesitant to speak about it? Because she is aware that Americans do not support an extreme policy.

If she's unwilling to state what her stances are, or to discuss the issues, then why should anyone give her the chance to debate?

Bash also asked Hobbs about inflation in an interesting question: “Democrats are in charge of the House as well as the Senate as well as in the White House. Does president Biden have a part to play in inflation?”

Hobbs declined to answer the question, but did say it's caused by “skyrocketing housing costs,” which is why they needed to build additional houses. This is absurd; everything from housing to food is rising due to inflation and not just housing. It's the same as saying “we have high costs” because we are paying high prices. One must look at the root of the problem. In this instance it's the excessive spending. It's all on the Democrats and that's in the essence of Bash's query.

What a mess.

However, opponent Kari Lake brought back her favorite author Dr. Seuss, as she presented an ideal challenge to Hobbs.

“I debate on stage. I will debate in a parking space. I will debate in the library. I will be able to debate you in the bar. I will have a debate with you in an automobile. I will be a debater on CNN. I'll also debate with you over MSNBC. I'll even debate you on “The View” with Joy Behar and Whoopi asking the questions. Be brave!”

What's so amazing about that?

This is the reason why Hobbs is scared-she's sure Lake would mop the floor with her. But she's just adding to the problem by being cowardly.

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