Swalwell’s Spending Report Raises Questions

Rob Pyers is the Research Director of California Target Book, an organization that offers information about state and federal legislative elections in California. Pyers shared some fascinating details about Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on Twitter, which some at Twitchy took note of.

“Dem Eric Swalwell, who has submitted the 2nd-highest number of ‘I am unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency' proxy letters, spent $250K+ on travel & car service in the 1st 9 months of the year,” Pyers stated.

Let’s clarify to those who might not be aware of what “proxy letters” are. In the midst of the pandemic, the House started to offer its members the option to ask other members to choose to vote for them in light of their “ongoing public health emergency.” It was reasonable when people were scared at first in the early days of the pandemic, however, I'm not sure they would have had to do this. It's been over two years now. Joe Biden has declared the pandemic to be over. What is the reason this remains in the air? This is a way for people to not be on time for their jobs and then leave when they have other tasks to be doing. This is the reason why the Senate does not allow it, as it's an opportunity for abuse as we're seeing.

Example: Swalwell. As Pyers observes, if there's an “emergency” so that he can't attend, then why is he sending out 48 proxy letters, the second highest number? Why does he spend $250,000 for travel and car costs? He's taking trips. What's stopping him from working?

The data also showed that his campaign dined in some nice restaurants. His people were awful and also ate at Chick-Fil-A, which is usually an anti-leftist no-no. However, there was a big issue with the documents and that was the fact that he paid $33,546 for “childcare for campaign events” during the beginning of the year. That's pretty lovely babysitting money there. However, of those “vendor” names listed there only one name is listed with cash next to it. Was he paid for his work in childcare?

Swalwell has to be accountable.

It's a bit ridiculous when they do something such as this, and it's a sign that the person is spending money and doing nothing to improve the situation. It is time to end the proxy to ensure that we get people to do the work they were elected to do and get paid to perform time and time. It is imperative that the Republicans will do when they get the House back to allow us to be accountable again.

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