The Left Panics After Kari Lake Has Strong Showing on CNN

Kari Lake was on the move once more on Sunday presenting with CNN's Dana Bash. In an interview that included numerous viral videos, Kari Lake, the Arizona Governor candidate, demonstrated precisely how to deal with a hostile media.

Likely, Bash channeled the greater media's obsession with 2020 and tried to create an “election denier” narrative into her questions. Lake was ready, however.

The method by which Bash attempts to cover up Democrat election denial by noting how Al Gore eventually conceded is typical. Naturally, Gore only conceded after numerous attempts to invalidate the results. Does that mean that it makes Gore somehow more superior? It's not like Democrats haven’t opposed certification after the elections in 2004 and 2016 too. Do you think the Trump contest election results in a more vibrant and flamboyant manner? Yes, but don't claim that it's okay for one side to challenge elections simply because they're doing it in a more subdued manner.

However, Bash tried again, this time, she asked Lake an extremely boring question she could ever ask: Do you think she will accept the results of the forthcoming election?

Lake showed in the clip that in some cases the best method to address the press is to put your message out regardless of the cost. Instead letting Bash continue to spread her story about “election denial,” Lake confronts her with a variety of instances of Democrat insanity before dropping a fiery phrase regarding accepting the results of the elections.

Naturally, the liberals were awed.

They are, in fact, some of the boringest individuals around the globe. Inflation is on the rise. The border is at a crossroads, the stock market is going down, and the rate of violence is on the rise as well. However, the most these clowns have is to “translate” a political zinger that was delivered by Lake about the importance of accepting results from elections.

Nobody beyond the beltway and Manhattan is interested in this. They are seeking answers to illegal immigration and the cost of food. Any person in Arizona who based their vote on a supposed 2020 “election denial” was already likely to vote Democrat. There is nothing new to learn from Bash insisting on it over other urgent issues.

In fairness to Bash, she did have a question about illegal immigration in the past and, in the process, she frantically attempted to force White House talking points.

It's amazing that any supposedly journalist would use the idea of an opponent pointing out that criminals are not nervous about our borders. One is that DHS is under the control of The Biden administration. This makes it far from being an impartial resource for information. Second, even if we consider the data on its face, it's impossible to properly vet the vast majority of illegal immigrants due to being brought in from non-cooperative third world countries that do not keep accurate documents.

It's a credit to her that Lake manages the trade well, but it's an issue that is prevalent. Real people are dying due to the crisis at the border. This includes illegal immigrants themselves as well as the Americans who are later affected. The continued denial of the issue in an effort to excuse Joe Biden is morally reprehensible. Bash and all in the mainstream media would be wise to keep that in mind.

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