Ghislaine Maxwell Speaks of Friendship with Clinton

Convicted sexual trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has come of her time in jail for an interview in the Daily Mail for an upcoming documentary. She said that she “feels so bad” for the scandalized Prince Andrew and misses her “special friendship” with former president Bill Clinton. The interviewer did not, however divulge details about the other famous and wealthy men might have been involved in late Jeffrey Epstein's twisted world of pedophilia.

The former socialite, who is 60 years old, has been sentenced to 20 years in Tallahassee's Federal Correctional Institute after she was sentenced in June for her part in helping Epstein procure women who were underage.

Bill Clinton, however, is likely to wish she'd keep quiet, as what he desires is for this embarrassing incident to never appear in the news again. Maxwell recalls Clinton, who frequently traveled on Epstein's private plane (known by the name of “Lolita Express”), with affection:

“It was a very special bond that lasted for many years. We shared a lot. I am sorry that he's a victim, solely due to his relationship with Jeffrey.”

Oh, Hillary is not going to be a fan of this. “Special friendship” sounds really creepy, particularly when it comes from the mouth of an infamous sex offender. It's pathetic to label Clinton another victim. He was a frequent visitor with a pedophile who was well-known and we're supposed to be sorry for the man?

Prince Andrew, the older brother to King Charles III, was involved in the scandal when a woman, Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Giuffre) claimed she knew the Prince had a sexual encounter with her while she was just 17. The photo showing Andrew, Ghislaine, and Giuffre has haunted him since. 

Maxwell has now claimed that his photo's authenticity is not real. She told The Daily Mail:

“As of now I don't consider it to be a real image and I do not believe that it's really the image it appears to be. There are many things wrong with it. Once my appeal is finished I'll be willing to talk about it with you.”

It's not easy to believe, because Giuffre and several experts have said that the photo is unaltered. The imprisoned Ghislaine is also apprehensive about the prince who was forced to resign from his public life after he gave an interview in 2019 where he said that he had “no recollection” of ever seeing Giuffre.

“Yes, I am aware of what's going on with him. He's paying for his association with Jeffrey Epstein. I am very concerned for him, and I am so sorry for him,” Maxwell said

Maxwell continues to explain her experience of being damaged by her involvement with Epstein:

“In open court, I stated in my testimony that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was the greatest error of my life. Of course, If I had the chance to return to today and could not have him meet I'd consider that to be the most costly mistake I've made. And I'd make different choices regarding where I'd work. Obviously.”

“I believe there are a lot of women who can relate to my experience. Many of them have been in love or experienced relationships with men who when they reflect back and ask “What did I think about?' I'm sure there's no woman who doesn't think this about one or the other of their partners.”

She doesn't end there, ranting about the prison conditions and just generally feeling bad for herself. The interview sounds a bit fawning, and sometimes reads like two people sharing an informal coffee rather than a discussion with someone who was able to lure young girls into being sexually assaulted by wealthy males. Ghislaine Maxwell would like you to feel for her..

Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, in the meantime, wish that she would quit talking.

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