Herschel Walker Gives Scathing Response to Biden’s Policies

Herschel Walker appears to have returned to the race for Georgia's senate seat following an array of targeted hit pieces that were dropped just a few weeks ago in which he was accused of paying for an abortion of a girlfriend back in 2009. Since then, Walker has overperformed at the only debate to be agreed upon during the year, which has put Democrat Raphael Warnock back on the defense.

What will happen on the day of the election in a race with some built-in advantage for Warnock is a question and won't be answered until votes have been recorded. While waiting, Walker is doing everything to build his supporters within the swing states, which includes conducting more interviews.

One of Walker's strengths is his casual, family-friendly image, despite earning him ridicule from those who do not reside within a thousand miles of Georgia. Walker isn't a politician and it's obvious when he talks. If you're from the South, there is nothing in his style of speech that seems strange or out of the ordinary. But to the liberals living in the Beltway who run the press, Walker could be from a different world.

Walker's relatable fashions don’t seem to be an issue for the Peach State. They were in evidence in the recent Meet the Press interview. In the interview, the Republican delivered a snarky answer when asked about Biden's policies.

Walker did not say “he eats a lot of ice cream.” In fact, in the true southern style the man said “he eat a lotta ice cream.” Although some of the liberals online thought that it was a self-own, and this implies that Walker is stupid, others argue that this was actually a huge victory for the Republican. It was not only humorous and relevant in light of Biden's recent ice-cream escapades, it was spoken in a manner that is familiar to many people living across the South.

Let's discuss the subject of the question itself. What's the last time you've heard a journalist from the mainstream media asking a Democrat about Donald Trump policies they support (during or following his presidency)? 

Why? This is certainly not a question that is posed to be asked in good faith. Instead, it's intended to support a notion that hasn't been proven in the sense that at least some of Biden's actions are positive. Contrary to the narrative, it's actually acceptable to not be in agreement with the president's political wishes. But, the press would like to praise this current White House regardless of the actual outcomes. Finding the words of a Republican in the public record to claim that Biden did something positive is what they are looking for, and Walker was smart enough not to offer it to them.

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