Parents Will Cast Deciding Votes in November Election

Between school lockdowns and mandates and indoctrination, parents are tired of it all. However, they can make their voices heard in November.

If the polls are right, the majority of parents will be voting for GOP candidates due to their trust in Republicans in the area of education. Impact Research is a “progressive public opinion research firm specializing in message development and strategic consulting,” and they conducted a survey on education. The results showed that 47 percent of the likely voters are adamant about Republicans in the area of education as opposed to 43 percent favoring Democrats.

Matt Hogan, a partner at Impact Research, said:

“This survey confirms that Democrats' historic advantage in education is gone. While Democrats generally enjoyed a double-digits advantage in the polls on which party was more respected in regards to education prior to the outbreak, voters in these battleground districts now have a narrow trust in Republicans more when it comes to education.”

The GOP views parental rights as a “sleeper issue” ahead of the midterm elections. Jessica Anderson is the executive director a conservative group. Heritage Action, and she stated:

“Parents prefer education over indoctrination. We should expect this to make a big impact during the midterm elections. This is just one of the many reasons why voters are choosing to vote for conservatives. The same people who are concerned about education are concerned about other issues, such as the rise of crime and inflation.”

The GOP considers Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin's win in the last election as a model for success. For those who may not be aware, LibsofTikTok has been posting videos on social media platforms, featuring videos from teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching children in the early years about LGBTQ issues and what pronouns they should refer to one another with.

Danielle Alvarez, communications director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), stated:

“Education and parents' rights is an important issue this election, just as it was in Virginia last year, and Republican candidates will be victorious, just ask Terry McAuliffe.”

These videos from LibsofTikTok offer an idea of what is taking place in certain elementary schools or school districts. This is the reason why parents are fed up and they'll have their voices heard in November.

School choice is beneficial to every pupil, regardless of background or sexual orientation. All politicians should be in favor of school choice but this isn't the reality. The only political party that appears to support school choices is the Republican party.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote an op-ed earlier in October. The op-ed, in part, said:

“Whether it's unscientific lockdowns and mask mandates, destructive ideologies, or an open border that's allowing ‘rainbow' fentanyl targeting children to pour into our country, Democrats consistently put their special interests first, and our kids suffer for it.”

Education, as well as crime, public safety, economics, and the border crisis will be the main issues in this midterm election. If the GOP persists in focusing on these issues, they will be able to secure the majority of the House and Senate.

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