Raphael Warnock Clocks Himself When Answering Question

A month ago, President Biden created quite a stir in the ranks of the Usual Suspects and surprised many on the left when he declared the coronavirus pandemic “over” during a trainwreck “60 Minutes” interview.

Joe Biden's White House handlers were of course left scrambling in the aftermath of yet another attempt to rebut something Joe Biden said.

In a new and interesting take on the story, Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) accidentally reminded Georgia residents on Monday, the day that marked the beginning for early voting across the state of Biden's announcement in which he expressed his personal opinion regarding whether or not the pandemic had ended. This was not only in contradiction to the statement Biden gave, but his remarks also offered a glimpse into Warnock's thoughts about where he stands in the highly watched, highly-contested Georgia Senate election.

The remarks came as a response to a question by a reporter on the reason why, after two years of Democratic control, where inflation has increased dramatically, people should offer him “another chance.”

Warnock stopped awkwardly for a few seconds while trying to think of an answer. Then, he returned to the familiar excuse that is used by Democrats and announcing the fact that “we are still in the throes” of the pandemic

This is a flimsy answer given that the country was in a recovery phase long before Biden was inaugurated, and then he swiftly switched it to reverse. It's not the kind of fake news we've become accustomed to from Warnock, who in April even released an advertisement for his campaign that confessed to his voters he'd not had much to say at all in Washington, D.C. to note and was merely soliciting their votes anyway.

We've written about the advertisement at the time it was released, but it's worth revisiting this morning in relation to Warnock's initial struggles to figure out the most appropriate solution to the questions confronted with by the reporter:

[Ad-transcript(Ad transcript) “I'm Raphael Warnock. I'm a father, a senator, as well as a pastor. But I'm no magician. In just one time in the Senate did I believe I could solve Washington? No.  Every day, I focused upon what I could do to help our state: creating jobs, repairing the infrastructure, and expanding health care. I voted for this message because this isn't magic. This is a good thing in the name of Georgia.”

That's about the closest you can be able to get someone who's running for reelection admitting that they've not done what they were chosen to accomplish. His response to the reporter's question regarding getting another chance was more of the same, blaming all of the problems afflicting the country by his party on nothing other than the man who is supposedly the leader of it.

My opinion is that Warnock is aware that he's in trouble, particularly in light of Herschel Walker's performance in the debate that made the GOP candidate's critics shocked and now Warnock is trying to get further away from the things Biden stated, and at the same time trying to justify the reason Biden as well as his fellow Democrats that control both the House and the Senate have been such terrible failures.

In simple terms, Warnock was a disaster for Georgians and they have to be honest by handing him the keys within two weeks.

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