Americans Might Attempt to Vote Every Dem Out of Office After Nancy Pelosi’s Recent Statements

There have been a number of polls that have come out lately about what the top issues are for American voters during this election. The responses are always the same: inflation, the economy, and crime. Numerous polls confirm that. Every person who is interviewed on the topic says the same thing.

Here's the most recent NY Times poll confirming this, according to NBC's Steve Kornacki:

“Republicans have a “clear advantage” on voters’ most important issues — the economy and inflation.”

This is good for the Republicans because this is the focus of their campaign.

But, what are Democrats paying attention to?

According to a recent Harvard Harris survey, the public believes that the Democrats are focusing on Jan. 6th, women's rights, and climate change. None of these concerns are even close to the highest concerns for Americans during this election. In spite of the economic challenges, these issues are the main things Democrats are focusing their attention on, along with creating division and vilifying Republicans. They're more interested in tackling the climate crisis than on solving our energy issues, which they have caused because of their obsession with climate change.

Andrea Mitchell had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on MSNBC and she praised Pelosi and Joe Biden for doing a great deal to help all the American citizens. Mitchell inquired about the concern of the American people regarding rising crime and inflation.

Pelosi says she believes that the NY Times poll about the most pressing issues can be described as that of an “outlier” poll and that she disagrees with the findings of the poll. “I dismiss that,” Pelosi said. She said she'd been traveling to a variety of states and claimed she could affirm to Mitchell the fact that “women's concerns about their freedom” are still an issue.

Women are concerned about food and having enough food for their families, and they are aware that Pelosi and the Democrats are making it very difficult to achieve. That's the reason Democrats do not want to discuss these issues as being important in the current climate and why Pelosi denies they exist. It's a travesty to the American people to deny this. Why should anyone support the Democrats after seeing her, as speaker of the House, claiming this? They are trying to ignore the concerns of the people.

Pelosi added to the confusion by claiming that the reason for inflation was that Biden had created millions of new jobs. This would be absurd If this spin wasn't totally wrong at every level. It's not true. People went back to work following the pandemic. They weren’t new jobs.

But that's not the reason for inflation. It was the excessive spending from the Democrats who controlled the government. If they had a genuine concern for Americans instead of their own agenda, they would have taken the warnings regarding spending that caused inflation more seriously, however they didn't.

Imagine this exclusive take from Pelosi. Most likely, inflation isn't really affecting her, and she's had no additional concerns over the rising costs. However, not everybody has been able to become rich from the government as she has for the lengthy time she's held office.

It's typical for Democrats such as Biden and Pelosi to ignore the problems and the concerns of the American people. Reality is there regardless of how they claim otherwise, and Americans will show up and inform Democrats what they value most in clear and unambiguous terms in November. Republicans should tell everyone what Pelosi said with ads which show that Democrats do not care about how they're harming Americans.

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