Doocy Strikes WH with Truth on Inflation and Leaves Them Scrambling

One of those that are likely to be seeking an alternative job following the midterms might happen to be White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre isn't very effective at what she does. Certain people aren't good at their jobs but are great in covering it up. However, she's not good and it is obvious.

On Tuesday, Doocy once again presented Jean-Pierre with facts that demolished the falsehood she was trying to sell and she had a tough time with it.

Doocy asked what was Joe Biden's most important domestic priority, asking whether it was inflation or abortion?

Jean-Pierre attempted to dodge the issue by saying that they were both a matter of priority and that inflation was his primary “economic priority.” So she didn't even claim the fact that inflation was his top priority but had to add “economic.” They can't even be clear on the most important thing.

Doocy got her to confess that. 

Doocy to KJP: “You just said [inflation's] his #1 economic priority. We've heard the President say inflation is his top domestic priority, but now he's saying, come next year, his first bill would be abortion-related. So, is his #1 domestic priority abortion or is it inflation?”

KJP replied that he'd put the economy as the top priority and had been “working” on it “every day.”

She claimed that the American Rescue Plan was what “helped get us back on our feet.” However, we were already getting back on our feet with the presidency of Donald Trump; that Plan has helped to spark the rise in inflation that is affecting us all, yet they won't admit it.

She said she doesn't believe Republicans supported it. It's a good thing. Thanks for pointing out the fact that they had nothing to do with the devastating outcome. They weren't able to “create 10 million jobs.” It's rather absurd to keep saying this when it's only people who returned to work following the outbreak. However, she continues to boast about spending more money. She claimed it was to “invest,” as if that's a great thing during the highest inflation rate since the last 40 years. They continue to deny the facts and continue to do the same things that led to the issue in the beginning.

It's absurd to say that Biden has been working to fix it “every day.” None of these Acts help to reduce inflation and, in fact, they actually can make it worse. When Biden has been working to fix it day in and day out and it's still in the terrible state it is, that means that he must resign. Biden isn't sure what he's doing, and he's not succeeding.

Doocy was fired up on Tuesday. He then slammed Biden for the assertion that Biden is “working every day.” Biden insists that “the economy” has been “strong as hell.”

The only criticism I'd like to raise is that we're already in recession. Do not let the Biden team flinch from and redefine reality just because they're trying to portray things in a better way before the midterm elections.

Her answer? She said, “So here is the thing about the economy…The job market is strong. The labor force is strong & that is not what we see usually before a recession…That is b/c of the work [he] has done.” She also tried to restate the things that Biden said, pointing to the idea of being in “transition” and adding “equity” to the equation.

The bottom line is that their inability to address the problems is causing everyone to be suffering and being affected, especially the middle and working class who they claim to be helping. This is their version of “equity” that they are actually offering.

And finally, Doocy asks about Biden taking off our oil reserves. KJP responded by blaming the petroleum companies instead of the Biden attack or the White House's restriction to American energy.

We'll use up our reserve oil and beg for more from dictators that oppress their people, instead of using our own resources.

The only thing they are concerned about is getting elected. They don't have any interest in solving the issues or making the economy their top priority.

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