Katie Hobbs Calls Kari Lake “Desperate” in Interview with Arizona PBS

On Tuesday evening, Arizona Democratic governor secretary of state and candidate Katie Hobbs was interviewed on Arizona PBS.

Arizona PBS booked the interview on host Ted Simons' “Arizona Horizons” program, separate from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, which led to the commission moving the interview of Republican Kari Lake to a different station.

Hobbs did not want to debate Lake in the Arizona PBS/commission partnerships (and to not debate at all) and that's the reason it was planned to be a conversation with just Lake; Hobbs was not going to have the chance to interview based on CEC guidelines.

“It shows that she does not have the temperament to lead,” Hobbs stated about Lake's choice to organize a press conference in front of Arizona PBS studios and announce her support of defunding PBS. Hobbs declared it to be the “behavior of a high school bully.”

“I think right now, it’s a distraction. I think Kari Lake is so desperate for a debate because she is scared to sit down and have an in-depth conversation because it will highlight her level of inexperience and lack of qualification to be governor,” she also stated.

Simons asked Hobbs about the settlement that involved Talyona Adams. Adams was a State Senate Democratic worker who was fired and given $2.75 million in compensation for gender and race discrimination, according to Arizona Mirror. Hobbs claimed she's taken “accountability” for her role in the firing of Adams.

Regarding the issues, she said the bipartisan budget this year is “good,” and that she was not a fan of the recent empowerment scholarship account expansion, which was enacted by Governor Doug Ducey.

“I would have not signed that bill,” she spoke of the latest school choice law that allows any Arizona family to receive funding for private educational costs. Hobbs claimed it “provides a subsidy” to those who don't need it.

When asked about abortion, she claimed that the ban of 15 weeks which is being enforced by Arizona is “extreme.” Hobbs would also not explain what she thinks is an appropriate cutoff point for abortion. This was in line with what she stated when RedState inquired about the issue on Monday.

“Late-term abortion is incredibly, incredibly rare. When that happens, it’s often devasting to that woman and her family,” the Arizona secretary of state explained.

Concerning the border crisis, she said that she believes the Biden administration should be doing “more,” but disagrees with Lake's suggestion of declaring an invasion.

She added she believed that “the wall is a very symbolic gesture,” and “It's not the only answer,” but she said she would back efforts of authorities from the Federal Government to fill in gaps.

“I think if the border strike force is effective, then yes. I think there’s been dubious information about whether or not it is,” Hobbs said when asked if she would keep Gov. Doug Ducey's Border Strike Force.

“She is not running for the people of Arizona. She’s running for herself and for the former president,” she said regarding Lake.

“I’m not afraid to face Kari Lake,” the candidate declared at the end of the interview.

At the conclusion of the event, Hobbs quickly exited the building and did not answer any questions from reporters.

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