Waukesha Parade Murder Trial Develops into a Circus Act

Al Pacino has been in some fake courtrooms and he does scenes unlike any other actor. In “And Justice For All” (1979), Pacino screams:

“You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order!”

He claims that he's responding to the judicial misconduct. However, it's only a film.

A lawyer could do that, but only if the lawyer prefered to be worse off and even in jail. No lawyer would actually do this. Lawyers sometimes argue with a judge, however they don’t do that often.

Lawyers make dumb mistakes sometimes in trials. They are typically simple mistakes, such as not being able to ask questions regarding their personal witnesses.

Waukesha parade murder trial suspect Darrell Brook, besides being only a few days away from being imprisoned for (hopefully) eternity, is a fool. Brook made the decision that he'd be the lawyer for himself. He sat through the majority of his trial inside a separate room as he couldn't keep his mouth closed. The trial has now been shifted to his defense, he should not be in courtroom. He is either very dumb or very intelligent. Being dumb isn't an excuse or justification for appealing.

Brooks interrupted and made absurd objections to his own witness. Lawyers can object to an answer from their own witnesses but not to answers they do not like. You can't participate in a debate or give an argument, as Brooks has frequently done.

Judge Dorow interrupted Brooks and instructed Brooks to cut out the narrations. He didn't.

“Mr. Brooks, you are advised to stop with the commentary,” Judge Dorow ordered.

Brooks responded: “No, I'm gonna say what I wanna say.”

If one is acting as an attorney, they must act like a lawyer. That includes understanding the rules and heeding to the instructions of a judge. When Brooks stated to her he would do whatever he wanted, it was a signal to get rid of the courtroom of jurors and take back control.

Brooks was exiled from the courtroom and take part remotely, like he did during the prosecutorial proceedings. All of this was evident to the jury, although they were not allowed to remain and listen to the harsh words. They know that Brooks is a fool and that he's hindering the trial because there is no defense.

Brooks is been a fool. Brooks had no defense to offer, which is why his response was not surprising. In the end, the judge will give the instructions to the jury. They will have time to look at the evidence and decide to convict Brooks of all charges.

In the future, Brooks can watch reruns of “Law & Order” in prison.

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