Israel Criticized for Daring to Say No to Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine continues to rage on, as Russia has intensified its efforts through new troop mobilizations and an increase in the intensity of the air conflict. The fighting has been concentrated in the eastern region of Ukraine, but during the last few days, the attacks on Kyiv have recommenced. This has prompted Ukrainian President Volydymr Zelensky to request Israel to provide parts of its “Iron Dome” missile defense system to aid in the war effort.

The concept isn't new as requests for the system were made at the start of the conflict. Certain members of the United States, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger, chastized Israel in the early days for not complying.

The most recent information that Israel has once again rejected Ukraine has led to new outrage and claims that Israel is helping Russia.

The specifics of the decision made by Israel could be based on a mixture of political and practical factors. To begin, Ukraine has essentially never supported Israel in the United Nations in the past, usually voting on resolutions that condemn Israel as a Jewish state. To give some context, as of this June, there were 122 resolutions against Israel. Ukraine has voted in opposition to Israel on 95 of them and abstained in the remaining.

Ukraine has been a bit hostile since the war began with a rash of demands made to Israel and publicly slamming Israel for not giving their aid. In short, it is clear that the Israelis aren't too interested in giving their important defensive equipment to a country that has never raised one finger to aid them but has actively fought to undermine their security.

The other aspect is it is the Iron Dome is not designed to eliminate advanced Russian weapons across a vast surface. It's built to safeguard cities from mainly low-grade rockets. It's also a concern that Iron Dome technology could fall into the hands of Russia and move towards Iran or Hamas. Finally, Israel only has a limited amount of Iron Dome munitions. They are unwilling to deplete their stockpiles in what's likely to be a useless gesture.

Israel is absolutely right to deny Ukraine of this aid. Ukraine's previous hostility puts it in no place to demand anything. Even although most are against Russian aggression, the feeling of entitlement from Ukrainians is beginning to grow old. Nobody owes them anything and their request for help must be handled with a sense of humility and a willingness to accept the way their past actions might affect their situation. This includes the anti-Semitism many in Ukraine have.

As for people like Kinzinger who claim that every nation must support the Ukrainian cause, they need to back off. Israel has an extremely fragile balance when it comes to all this and shouldn't be expected to put its citizens in danger just to give some minor help to Ukraine.

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