Poll Squashes Democrats’ Hopes That Anger over Abortion Will Keep Them From Losing the Election

Democrats consider abortion to be the huge issue that will grant them a “Roevember” victory in the midterms due to the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

This is the reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) balked when she was asked about the importance of abortion, considering that polls showed that crime and inflation were the top priorities for Americans. Pelosi claimed that polls show that “women's freedom” was going be a major factor during the election. Joe Biden made similar remarks when the reporter Peter Doocy what his top domestic issue was: the issue of abortion or inflation. Biden responded with a laughable response to the question, saying that all the issues were important. Biden also slammed Doocy in the process.

Abortion isn't among the top three topics in most polls, and it's usually a bit lower on the list. The majority of voters believe that Democrats are focused only on January 6, abortion, and climate change. This isn't helping them and is in fact hurting them because people don't believe they're focusing on the right things.

Even though the Democrats believe this is a problem that will somehow help them, there's a recent poll that puts an end their hopes.

Who do American people think is the most extremist regarding abortion? Democrats are hoping that the majority of Americans think it's the Republicans, and that's a factor against them. However, the latest poll from WPA Intelligence for the National Review offers a shocking outcome.

The poll of 1,000 voters, which was conducted on October 6–10 and provided exclusively to National Review, presented respondents with two options: “allowing abortions up until 9 months of pregnancy for any reason,” or “restricting abortions to only in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.” When asked which of the two was “more extreme,” 57 percent of respondents chose “allowing abortions up until 9 months of pregnancy for any reason,” as opposed to just 29 percent who chose “restricting abortions to only in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.” Fourteen percent said they were unsure which of the two positions is more extreme.

It's a nearly two-to-one gap. This implies that Americans are looking at the garbage Democrats promote and are able to discern who the true radicals on abortion are. That's nearly all Democratic candidates. Nearly all are embracing the “abortion until birth for any reason” idea. It also indicates that the Republicans’ attempt to present this argument is getting the attention of Americans.

In the debate between Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and J.D. Vance, Vance demonstrated the best way to make his point clear by saying, “Tim Ryan voted for a piece of legislation that would prevent doctors from providing care to babies who survive botched abortions. As much as you call me an extremist, you're the extremist on this issue.”

But there's still a lot that Republicans are able to do to combat the lies being spread by Democrats. As National Review explains:

The WPA Intelligence poll also illustrated the need for aggressive Republican efforts to counter Democratic Party messaging on abortion. In the poll, 65 percent of Democratic voters believed that “the United States is one of the few countries in the world that limits abortions,” and 59 percent believed that “fewer than 500 abortions are performed each year after 20 weeks of pregnancy.” Of course, neither of those things is true: As National Review has exhaustively catalogued, America’s abortion laws are far more permissive than most of our counterparts in the developed world, and, as Alexandra DeSanctis noted in 2019, “about 12,000 [abortions] take place after viability,” which “means there are more post-viability abortions each year than gun homicides, according to the most recent FBI estimates.”

“As our research shows, one of the reasons why the abortion debate has become so distorted is that the underlying assumptions most Democrats hold about abortion are factually wrong,” WPA Intelligence vice president and director of analytics Matt Knee told NR in a statement. Insofar as the abortion issue could be a weakness for the GOP, it’s often because Republicans have yet to break the left-wing misinformation machine: “Even with strong majorities supporting limits after a certain point, it is harder to find common ground on abortion when the majority of one half of the country believes elective late-term abortion is a myth and that most nations around the world hardly regulate the practice,” Knee said. It’s not that voters are on the Democratic Party’s side — it’s that they’ve been routinely lied to about what Democrats actually believe.

If the Democrats hoped they would get votes because of the issue of abortion, It appears that the Republicans may have been able to change the odds and made it another factor which could help sink them in the upcoming election.

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