Unsettling Report Shows Depths of Jill Biden’s Control Over Joe, His Handlers

The fact that Jill Biden frequently plays director for Joe Biden, the supposed leader of the free world, when he appears confused and/or lost in public speaking engagements isn't something that is new.

A new report by The New York Times, which detailed the ways in which the First Lady was filling in for her husband in important battleground races, provided fresh details about the lengths she must go to keep her husband and his notorious handlers in check. The President’s handlers are charged with keeping reporters away from him and sweeping his messes us, and also working to limit his appearances in public to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

From the Times article (emphasis added):

Lauren A. Wright, a professor at Princeton who has written extensively about political appearances by first ladies, said the East Wing under Dr. Biden, 71, who kept teaching as an English professor as first lady, has become completely intertwined with the political efforts of the West Wing.

“This role has become so serious and political,” she said. “It must be part of the strategic White House planning and effort. Otherwise you’re wasting opportunities.”


She is incredibly protective of Mr. Biden, and has been involved in the hiring of his press staff and other senior aides. (She vetted Jen Psaki, Mr. Biden’s first press secretary, alongside her husband.) She has been direct when she believes they have not protected him: After Mr. Biden delivered a nearly two-hour news conference in January, members of his senior staff were rehashing the appearance in the Treaty Room when the first lady appeared.

She pointedly asked the group, which included the president, why nobody stepped in to stop it, according to a person who was in the room. Where was the person, she demanded, who was supposed to end the news conference?

According to the New York Post, it was the press conference during which Joe Biden greatly alarmed Ukraine by claiming to approve a “minor incursion” into the country by Russia, which at the time was already revealing plans to be more aggressive than this. His handlers were required to intervene in order to save Joe with respect to that claim as well.

In a normal scenario, when a woman is called upon to safeguard and defend her elderly husband to ensure that he isn't being abused or looked down upon, it isn't an issue. There are women everywhere who care for their spouses that do that regularly for their spouses, and that's acceptable.

However, this isn't the normal scenario this is a case. The President of the United States is in a position where displaying strength and being able to effectively communicate and make your own choices is crucial to his success both in the United States and abroad. This includes his dealings with international adversaries, and even though they may not like the president at times, they will respect his strength.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton had to find out that it's not the spouses people are selecting to represent them, it's those who are running. It's true that discussing with your spouse the selection process for a non-political position is acceptable, it's not the same as regularly making them the primary decision maker in these things and seeing them hover over the president as if he needed help constantly and having to keep correcting him while scolding the handlers behind the scenes. 

There are reports of “contingency plans” to be implemented by Democrats in advance of 2024. Joe Biden is a man who's simply no longer in control in any way that is meaningful and not just in the things he says or the way he interacts with other people, which brings up the question of which group of people is actually leading in the absence of his ability to lead?

This is the million dollar question and the answer could lie with Jill Biden herself.

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