Biden Blasts Two Reporters and Grabs Them When Questioned

Joe Biden has shown signs of being unable to handle criticism since he began running for office in 2019. If anyone asks about issues he isn't willing to talk about, Biden has often flipped out on people, such as swearing at voters and criticising journalists. Just this week, Biden snapped at the reporter who dared to inquire if his decision to release 15 million additional barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was a decision to aid the Democrats during the election. When Fox's Peter Doocy asked him whether abortion or inflation was the most important domestic issue, he did not like the question. He was snarky with Doocy and said that the issues “were all important, unlike you, there's no one thing.”

The situation became even worse on Thursday when Biden was walking to his helicopter and on the way to Pennsylvania where he was planning to campaign for John Fetterman. He stopped to talk with reporters. One reporter asked him, “John Fetterman’s gonna appear with you today in Pennsylvania, but there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning with you…,” which is a fact.

That made Biden angry. He interrupted her and grabbed her. He said, “That’s not true! There’ve been 15. COUNT KID, COUNT!”

Biden's getting worse. Why would he grab a female reporter and even insult her, calling her a “kid.” She was an adult and he should not be touching her. Her question was a good one. It is uncertain how many people he has been campaigning for, but the number he gave likely isn’t accurate. However, even if it was 15 people, that number this close to an important midterm isn't something to boast about. It shows how awful things are for Democrats and also how many Democratic candidates are trying to avoid having Biden attend their events. They are aware of his lack of popularity and the damage he's caused to the nation. But, the Democratic candidates aren't able to avoid the ire of the public's votes just by not inviting Biden.

Another reporter questioned Biden about abortion and if it was appropriate to put restrictions on abortions.

He replied, “Yes, there should be.” The reporter then asked, “What should they be?” Biden replied before grabbing the journalist's hands, “It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man. You’ll get educated.”

As with earlier, why would Biden grab the man then refer to him as if he doesn't even know what he's talking about, when it's Joe who's usually clueless? He should not touch people. This is an attempt to manage them or to add emphasis to his point, but he's incredibly bad at it.

People were replied over the interpretation he gave regarding Roe.

It is unclear if he knows that Roe was overturned.

The bill Biden and the Democrats presented does not contain any restrictions and would allow abortions until birth. This is also the stance that the majority of Democratic candidates have taken or have not disavowed. It isn’t clear what Biden was saying by his answer. He might not know either, but merely saying there “should be” restrictions is likely to cause anger among leftists.

The White House Press Association should be telling Biden to stop treating journalists like this. The situation is out of hand. We know that if President Donald Trump had done this, people would be going crazy about how he grabbed and insulted journalists and talk about it incessantly. However, Biden has an issue with groping, so probably no one will complain.

A person in charge who behaves like this poses a threat to the security of our nation.

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