Meghan Markle Sells Her Clothes From the Queen’s Funeral

Meghan Markle has some f competition for the most crass famous person, but she is working hard to stave off her own competition.

When she went to Uvalde to present flowers, she was joined by a team of photographers and videographers from the media during her “unannounced” visit. She made sure everyone knew she was there by promoting herself. Many called her out for it on social media. 

Markle hasn't encountered a lie that she didn't enjoy. She tells made-up stories so frequently that it appears to be second-nature. She and Harry were interviewed by Oprah and ought to have been called out for lying. However, Oprah did not.

Her victimhood is what she is focused on. Everything revolves around her. Who hurt her, refused to speak to her, or wouldn't even listen to her. In one of her most recent Spotify podcasts, featuring guest Paris Hilton, the Duchess spoke about her first job working in the “industry.” Markle doesn't have exceptional beauty. She has a slim figure and beautiful face.

The TV program “Deal or No Deal” was seeking models to carry briefcases that had an identifying number inside them, and she was chosen because she resembled a model. She fit the part. Markle was paid to stand still, hold a briefcase, and smile. But she's still amazed, that she was praised for her intelligence. The “Deal or No Deal” producer didn't inquire about quantum physics or discuss Plato with her.

She was against the method of creating models that are ready for modeling.

She stated: “It was solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains… I was thankful for the job but not for how it made me feel which was, not smart.”

Markle was a bit uncomfortable, but she then began to model partially nude. Also, her “Suits” character spent as much time on the screen wearing her underwear as formal outfits.

Markle wanted to marry up, which is the best way to be treated as an object to be picked and manipulated. A shining bauble with smile. She claims she was married for love, however she chased after Harry, and not because of who he was but for what he could be. She's mad that she's only a Duchess and not an actual Princess.

When Queen Elizabeth passed away, Markle tried to draw attention to herself: where she went, where she would sit, and the clothes she would wear.

Now, unfortunately, she's trying to sell her funeral attire.

She'll never need more money, but she's selling her clothes from a relative’s funeral.

Why should anyone be concerned? Perhaps no one should. However, it is shocking how inappropriate this is. 

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