Two Dazed and Confused Men Campaign Together: Joe Biden and John Fetterman

Joe Biden's handlers allowed Biden go out on Thursday and the whole thing went just as one would anticipate. Things didn't go as planned. Biden scolded a reporter and was physical in a press conference in front of the White House. This was just another instance showing Biden's inability to control his behavior when in public.

The performance was merely a preparation, though. The president eventually traveled to Pennsylvania to hold a political event along with Democrat John Fetterman, who has his own set of issues. During one of the most striking moments in the president's “speech,” the president seemed to forget who he was actually helping campaign.

There are two perspectives to consider, and they may both be right. It's possible to see Biden as being senile, as further evidenced by other instances. However, this could be an example of Biden “saying the quiet part out loud” in regards to Fetterman's decline after his stroke.

In the past few months, John Fetterman's spouse, Gisele Fetterman, has been a key player in his political campaign. Gisele Fetterman has often been described as being the “brains of the operation,” and The Rolling Stone described her as the “de facto” candidate in the race. Some have gone as far as to suggest Fetterman could resign to be succeeded by his wife if he is the winner.

In other words, while Biden might have just messed this up, with his act of calling Gisele Fetterman a “great lady in the senate,” he seemed to point out that she's basically the candidate at the moment. She’s a lot like Jill Biden.

She wasn't willing to let the media talk to her husband during the event that was held alongside Biden. Fetterman surprisingly didn't even speak at his own rally.

Biden’s speech was like every Biden speech, where you're wondering what he is talking about.

Perhaps somebody else has a more detailed explanation? Why, for instance, is he holding a corded, cheap SM58 microphone between two microphones? It's a bit amateur. Does it really take that much effort to get rid of the podium microphones before sending him out there?

Biden also got lost, which he usually does when he's out in public. Biden really needs some instruction on how stages are designed.

The leader of the most powerful country on Earth walks around in circles a bit. Our enemies are probably laughing at us. However, at least we have only a few more weeks before Biden's influence is lessened through the election of a Republican Congress. 

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