Attempted Hit Piece on DeSantis Focuses on College Years

As Governor. Ron DeSantis cruises to re-election in Florida, the press will do its best to make his campaign with Charlie Crist somewhat competitive. They did their best after Hurricane Ian struck; however, DeSantis' extraordinary abilities quickly took the story off the front pages.

However, a new news item has surfaced and could be the most entertaining thing I've seen published by a supposedly news publication. As per the Financial Times, DeSantis once employed the term “thigh food” while in college, in lieu of “Thai food.”

It's awry and awful. The incident even brought the “yikes” from ProPublica's Alec MacGillis.

Imagine being a supposed serious journalist who is researching third-party claims of college students having fun. In this instance, however, we're not even confronting any serious accusations. Do we believe that DeSantis is racist because he pronounced “Thai?” Or that he is a  rabid sexual predator due to his joking with women on dates?

Seriously, who publishes such a thing and doesn't anticipate being brutally mocked for it? One thing which could make this even more funny is the event that any 2024 contestants to DeSantis were to pick the story as a reason to attack him. However, I don't believe anybody would be smug enough to even consider doing that.

Let's make a quick comparison. The Ashley Biden diary was released in the media and it included a first-hand report that revealed Joe Biden showering with his young daughter, a claim that it damaged her, and that it led to her developing mental health problems. Did The Financial Times write that up? Did any mainstream news organization do it? Nope. 

However, we're supposed to believe that the statement from DeSantis about “thigh food” in college is an incredible story. It's impossible not to smile hysterically at this. This also shows how desperate they are. They would like to see DeSantis removed from the national stage due to the threat he represents to them over the long term.

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