Babylon Bee Satirizes Californians for Beto

There are increasing indications that the election is near and Republican campaigns are taking off across the country.

Even the state of New York, in an astonishing survey, shows that Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) has taken the lead over Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul. If we're witnessing dark blue New York being affected, you know that there's a wave coming.

For Texas, Democrat Beto O'Rourke is a long way behind Gov. Greg Abbott in the gubernatorial race. He's 11 points behind according to the most recent UT/Texas Tribune poll, which shows Abbott in the 54th percentile, and O'Rourke at 43 percent. Republicans vote for Abbott, Democrats for Beto. The main difference is that independents are voting 60 percent in favor of Abbott and just 29 percent support Beto. This means that Beto is basically dead in this case if this trend continues to be the case. The RealClearPolitics average shows Abbott in the top position, with 8.7 points.

The satire-spouting Babylon Bee has a running video series that follows the lives of a California couple as well as their experience when they relocated to Texas. Each episode is worth checking out, looking at their reactions to Texas as well as the reaction of Texans to their extravagant California lifestyle. However, the most recent take on the California couple begging in support of Beto in a red region of Texas is funny, and includes an extra guest and an unexpected twist at the close. “Bless your heart!”

The woman states that they had to leave California as it was “ruined” but then notes Beto is similar to the politicians who run California. The man is taken to a different house, and is confronted by a man who says, “But isn't Beto some kind of moron?” He's not according to his official website, he declares. However, they then use their “powers” to go to the next residence, where they meet Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who informs them that he has letters to write and then drops one. The people from California are then able to recognize the distinctive symbol from Cruz, the Zodiac Killer, thus confirming the identity of who Cruz actually is. This was gold.

What an amazing thing to see. It was spot on in both directions about the Californians and Texans. Good on Ted Cruz for his great sense of humor, as well as the jokes about who the Zodiac Killer is.

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