Biological Male Injures Female Volleyball Player With Spiked Ball

A volleyball player from a high school in North Carolina recently suffered severe injuries to her neck and head when a male player hit a ball with a claimed speed of 70 mph in her face.

As The Blaze reported earlier this month, Hiwassee Dam High School played Highlands High School in a girls' volleyball competition. During the match, an unidentified biological male from Highlands hit a ball with a spike over the net, and then struck an unidentified Hiwassee Dam player directly in the face.

The Outkick's Ian Miller put the insanity to a different the proper perspective:

“For anyone who is serious, it's become clear that the allowing of gender-neutral athletes (biological males) to play against biological females could create safety concerns in female sports.”

“The wide range of biological differences between males and females causes many issues, whether it is through competition fairness or, in the case of a North Carolina volleyball match, injuries that are severe.”

There's a low-quality video of the incident. It has the woman volleyball athlete being injured and falling, remaining still for a long period of time.

Did the man intentionally strike the girl?

The girl is believed to be suffering long-term symptoms of concussion, such as problems with vision. She hasn't been allowed to return to the sport or by a doctor or neurologists. Due to the injuries sustained by the girl and concussions, it was decided by the Cherokee County Board of Education ,approved 5-1, the cancellation of any future volleyball matches in the county against Highlands High School, citing a “safety issue.”

Outkick's founder, radio program host, and Fox News contributor Clay Travis tweeted about the devastating injury suffered by the girl. The injury shouldn't have occurred.

“A male player in volleyball who identified himself as female spiked the ball to such force in the face of a girl that she required medical attention for a concussion, and wasn't cleared to play. Another moment of pride to be had in “women's” athletics.”

The biological male swimmer squashing women swimmers just one thing. “Trans” volleyball players crushing female opponents' faces is different. Stop this madness before someone is killed in the name of “inclusivity.”

According to The Blaze, a long-serving coach is believed to have persuaded at most an individual board member in favor of canceling the games. Cherokee Board member Joe Wood said: “A coach for over 40 years claimed that they'd never experienced a tragedy like this. This was the thing that was the deciding factor for me, at least for me.”

Another member of the board, Jeff Tatham, estimated the ball was speeding at 70 mph at the time it struck the girl's face.

I'm not sure if it's slower than the norm, but this appeared to be coming off very quickly, unusually, particularly quickly. The ball did not just strike her face, but then it fell off the face in a way that was strong enough that it was able to bounce back into the net.

What is the point at which enough is enough?

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