Democrats Will Blame Plenty for Losses in the Midterms

Well, it's official. This is it. Democrats' Jim Crow 2.0 is dying or at the very least, in Georgia. Early voter turnout is at record levels. When everything is done, many Georgians will have voted.

On the 19th of October, more than 268,000 people in the Peach State went to the voting booths to cast their vote. It was an increase of 75.3 percent over the same period in 2018, and an increase of 3.3 percent over the first day of early voting in 2020.

More significant is the fact that black voters accounted for an astonishing 35 percent of people who have voted in Georgia up to now. Black men made up 46,016 votes as compared to 38,792 in the year 2018.

Remember the time when Democrats as well as their close acquaintances and allies in the mainstream media were screaming over voter suppression in Georgia after Georgia's Republican legislature passed a number of measures to ensure the integrity of elections? They argued that these laws would have an effect on black voters like they did in the times in the days of Bull Connor. President Joe Biden claimed that they made Jim Crow to look like “Jim Eagle,” whatever that means. 

At the rate we are going, there are so many black voters who will be participating in the midterm elections, it will be hard for Democrats to pretend that the evil white racist Republicans have stopped poor and unfortunate negroes from being able to vote. But this isn't a reason to not be able to. Stacey Abrams has already started creating the discussion points, saying that the large turnout indicates the fact that African Americans somehow overcame the violent attempts to stifle their vote.

“Yesterday we witnessed an unprecedented turnout of early voting. Sure, we ought to be excited. However, let's be aware of what it means. It doesn't mean that voter suppression doesn't occur,” she said while speaking to her supporters, the few she's left.

However, this won't suffice to blame the suppression of voters for the huge losses Democrats are likely to suffer in November. How will the party, together with their fellow allies in the mainstream media, justify its loss?

I believe MSNBC journalist Joy Reid gave us a hint.

RedState's Mike Miller wrote about how she explained the reasons for why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become popular with Hispanic voters. On Saturday she tweeted:

“This shouldn't come as a surprise anyhow. It's not surprising that the Proud Boys have all but joined with The Miami Dade Republican Party. Politically, Florida is basically morphing into Brazil.”

Leftists have been calling the Proud Boys a white supremacist group for a long time. However, this may not mean anything as they categorize any group or person who thinks similar  to the Proud Boys to be white supremacists. However, she's basically claiming she believes that Hispanics living in Miami-Dade have embraced the idea of white supremacy and that's why they support DeSantis.

White supremacy is their excuse for their loss.

Sure, they may attempt to revive that Jim Crow 2.0 story, but it won't be their primary target for blame.

The Democrats will argue that they lost due to transphobia, racism, sexism, and the other usual suspects. Because they are unable to admit what they did wrong, they will rely on their old habits.

They haven't created the economic troubles that many Americans face. It's not because they're weak on the issue of crime. They're not able to manage the problem of migrant refugees and it certainly won't be mentioned in their circles.

It's all about white supremacy. Pure and straightforward. Even if the polls that are taken following the election show that a  number of minorities who have voted against them, they will say that it was the racial prejudice which led to their defeat.

The 2024 presidential race will begin soon after the midterms, and the white supremacy issue is what they'll be focusing on. There is nothing else they can build their campaign on and it's likely that 2023 won't give any ammunition. For the Democrats, this approach won't yield the same results as it did during the previous time. 

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