Library Reopens in California After Closing Due to Security Concerns

A California library has reopened after it was shut for almost a month due to “mental health issues” in the region.

The Billie Jean King Library in Long Beach was closed last month because of concerns over the safety of staff members and visitors.

From ABC7:

“Since Sept. 27th the library is now shifting to to-go service due to the recent incidents of security.”

“City officials of Long Beach say those incidents generally involve people who have mental health issues and typically require security or even police. The temporary closure caused some inconveniences for visitors.”

“Parked down the road and came over, just to put my computer up and work for the day, and the door was locked, and when they came to the door, they told me it was closed and gave me a list of other libraries in the greater area that I can try,” said Reed Fernandez, a visitor from Long Beach.

Cathy De Leon, the director of the Long Beach Public Library, states that the closing of the library's main branch is due to the absence of security.

The closings have been viewed by many as an indication of a failing state in terms of homelessness and crime. Instead of changing policies to protect taxpayers as well as those who rely on public service, Democrat larges in the cities of the State just continue to push and support “defund the police” platforms. They'd rather have a commercial or a public library or park in close proximity to the public than work on the many problems that cause violent crime.

KTLA reports that the library is now open again, citing recent “security measures” in place to safeguard patrons and library staff. This includes restricting hours of open to the general public.

“The temporary closure was necessary to address security staffing levels and specialized library staff training,” the City of Long Beach said in a press announcement. “With Main Library being a high-volume facility in the city's downtown core, combined with the state of mental health challenges that many are experiencing locally and throughout the country, it was apparent that in order to effectively conduct library business and provide a positive and inspiring environment for all who entered the doors, a new plan needed to be developed to meet the needs of this specific facility.”

The city announced that an interim security plan was formulated and will be implemented in the next few weeks.

The library, at 200 W. Broadway, will be open during “special operating hours” from Thursday through November 2, after which the library will reopen to normal hours of operation.

City officials brushed off the seriousness of the issue, describing the issues that shut down the Library as “isolated incidents.”

“At times, those visitors to the Library might be suffering from unresolved traumas, medical problems and mental health issues that can negatively affect the library's staff and patrons. The City will continue to come up with strategies to handle these events in isolation to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through our doors to our libraries,” the city said.

It's not like the mere presence of “isolated incidents” from people who have “unresolved trauma” would be enough to shutter the major library in the country. Let it be for California Democrats to make it appear that criminals are really the victims. 

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