News Outlets Report on Transgender Singer

Language is changing, and an excellent illustration of this fact was recently offered in the Daily Mail.

According to the UK outlet, singer/comedian Jordan Gray performed live on October 21st, on the channel's Friday Night Live.

It was a single-off revival of the famous standup show of the 80s that was originally titled Saturday Live, which Channel 4 broadcast during the celebrations marking its 40th birthday.

To keep the theme of the birthday party, Jordan had prepared a particular outfit. On Twitter, the artist posted with a grim tone:

“Tonight, we make history.”

Jordan's already made history appearing on American television show The Voice in 2016. This is the first time that a biological male who identified as a woman was able to make the cut.

Friday Night Live's show may be described as strange:

“I haven't had a Yorkie bar in five years,” she declared at the beginning of her performance, in allusion to the company's previous campaign slogan “It's not for girls.”

Gray performed on the keyboard wearing a flashy pink suit and informed the crowd: “This is the coolest night of my life, you're watching me experience the coolest night of my life.”

The song's opening line was the lyrics: “I look out in the faces of this room, and I wish I could be back into the infancy womb. Then start over, despite God's will, using smaller hands and glands.”

The dark curly-haired comedian said: “I wish the world could finally understand: I'm more than just a female Russell Brand.”

The Mail reports Jordan's ditty was “expletive-filled.”

She then exploded into the comedy song that was a reference to her favorite skit, the Chuckle Brothers' “To Me to You” skit, and ended by declaring, “Now back to me — this song's about me.”

The song [transformed] into her own take on Do-Re-Mi and progressively intensive keyboard playing.

As shown by the online video, Jordan subsequently shouted into the microphone, “You know, the best thing about live TV is I can do stupid stuff like this.”

The singer suddenly jumped onto the stage to the left and cut off the pink one-piece suit. The audience was in awe as Jordan was bouncing around naked.

As per media coverage the full-frontal assault proved to be an immediate success, even though it certainly wasn’t.

Jordan's jumperless, sloppy jumping was newsworthy, however, The Daily Mail's reporting is what makes the most impact.

The official headline is:

“Moment Transgender Singer strips NAKED Live on Channel 4 and Plays the Keyboard with her Penis”

The tabloid's summary of the story:

After dancing about the stage, the comedian, naked, returns to her keyboard, shouting, “See you Friday at the London Palladium, b *****s,” and briefly played keys using her penis.

For a long time, “her penis” might've been filed in the same way as the case of Theater of the Absurd Up the Down Staircase, or The Bald Soprano. In a brief period of time, the gender concept has changed our scientific understanding of the biology of the past.

If “both” isn't your bag, maybe you'll settle in search of “neither”:

In the past, the kid in the Hollywood hit movie Kindergarten Cop explained that “Boys have a penis; girls have a vagina.” Nowadays, this is believed to be a lie at least in kindergarten.

Is the West heading for female penises? The arrows are all pointed towards yes. But surely, millions of women hope that those female appendages — just like their male counterparts, will stay off the screen.

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