Biden Gets Flustered With Remarks on Student Loans

Joe Biden lies so much that you may become accustomed to the lies he's constantly repeating. Biden has a long list of these, such as being an activist for civil rights, truck driver, as well as being a victim of an “awful lot” when his home burned to the ground. All of these are evidently incorrect. The people around him must have warned him to stop blatantly telling falsehoods. He doesn't have a conscience and, perhaps, no power to keep himself from doing it. He is unable to distinguish between truth and lies at the moment. This should be a concern for everyone.

However, even though we are familiar with Biden lying now, one of the falsehoods he made up on Sunday was quite shocking.

Biden hosted a panel on “Now This,” featuring young “changemakers,” to ask questions they may have for Biden. One of the questions was regarding student loans. Biden demonstrated his ignorance of the issue. However, what was particularly shocking was his statement that read, “I've just signed a law that's being challenged by my Republican colleagues.”

Biden explained what he called the “law” he said he signed. He said that when you've got a Pell Grant you qualify for “2,000…excuse me …$20,000 in debt forgiveness.” If you don't have a Pell Grant, Biden said, “You just get 10,000 written off. It's passed. I managed to get it through one vote or two…It's effective.”

Wait, what? There's no “law” — Biden issued an executive order to fund the student bailout program. Biden didn't attempt to pass it through Congress as there was no law adopted. And yet, here he is standing in front of the young people creating a law and declaring it passed, and even the fact that he got it through with one “vote or two.”

He's totally out of his depth at this point, and isn't aware of the distinction between legal legislation passed in Congress as executive decrees? In addition, this plan is probably illegal. He doesn't have the legal authority required by law to implement this, and his idea was stopped by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals as they considered the larger issue.

It's an alternative reality and it's frightening when Biden becomes this savage -it's like he's imagining the passage of a bill that didn't happen. Who can claim there's no problem when he makes up crazy claims like this? He's no longer competent and needs to confront his responsibility under the 25th Amendment. In the event that he fails, there will be a major issue -You can't put a person such as this at the helm of the nuclear codes if the situation has become this dire.

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