Coal Miner Dad Shares Moment With Young Son

Many favorite memories involve sports, whether it's participating in coaching or drawing. 

Sports are important. It's essential for team- and character building. It usually helps develop girls and boys into females and males. The majority of American CEOs (in fact, more than 95 percent) participated in team sports. It's not just men either. For female CEOs, 90% played in the sport of team.

As per Satya Nadella, who is the CEO at Microsoft, “playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.”

Perhaps the best part though is watching one’s children participate in sports. 

Having a parent attend their children's games is an essential part of parenthood. The correct type of “Dad time” can make an enormous impression when the child grows from boy into a man or girl to an adult woman.

John Calipari is the men's basketball coach at Kentucky. He has been a winner of the NCAA Championship and has taken his teams to six Final Fours. As with most great coaches, he doesn't only coach basketball. He coaches life.

He saw a photograph of a father and his son. Dad was dressed in his working clothes, covered with coal dust, and was sitting at the back of the stadium with his small boy as Kentucky played in its Blue-White match.

Calipari has said about the moment:

“It touched me and I'm sure it affected millions of fathers (and mothers too!). If you take the time to spend time with your children , they won't forget those times. The name of the dad is Michael Joe McGuire and his wife Mollie was quite proud too. Mollie posted on Facebook:”

“This is my wonderful husband, Micheal Joe McGuire! He works for Excel Mining (Alliance Coal) and is dedicated to providing to our entire family. It doesn't matter the length of time he's been working or how difficult his day is, he's present and is there to help our children! The most generous and selfless man ever, and always places his family first! Our kids absolutely love him, and Easton, our son, has told people about his coal mining experience just like his dad… We are so blessed and grateful!”

It's likely that the McGuires will be “sitting pretty” at a Kentucky basketball tournament this season as VIPs. Michael Joe McGuire wasn't looking to be a celebrity. He was simply a father. Michael Joe and Mollie and their kids enjoying the time with their parents are next on the agenda to the McGuires. Absolutely amazing.

God Bless to the McGuires and all the VIP dads and moms like them.

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