Joe Biden’s Interview with Transgender Person Is So Out of Touch

On Sunday night, things got worse. Sincerely, following Joe Biden's latest interview it became clear that the world is in an extremely dark spot and getting more and more depressing.

While Americans across the country have to pay for their expenses and are facing an increase in crime and violence, the President of the United States defended the mutilation of children in a video interview with a person who claims that he's a “girl.”

It doesn’t matter who the interviewer is. All you should know is that he has made TikTok videos in which he pretends to be a teenager and, despite this part of insanity, Joe Biden decided to host him at the White House. That alone should prompt everyone in America to demand the 25th Amendment.

However, to consider a question on “gender-affirming care,” which is a misnomer, and then make it a jumping off for a reason to advocate the brutalization of children? This is a level of evil that's difficult to comprehend. Biden even goes as far as to say that it's moral to allow profit-driven clinics to rip the breasts of infant girls, and to sterilize young boys.

The assault doesn't work, however. Biden seek to compel states to permit physical and psychological abuse of children under the pretense of “transgender rights,” but Biden would like you to pay for others to have abortions.

This is the point at which we might typically say that Biden is obviously old and incapable of performing the obligations of his position. But it’s not that way in this situation.  The subject matter discussed in these clips goes far beyond typical backbiting from politicians. This is about the heart of our nation. 

How do we allow our society to endure this type of behavior that isn't just recognized but is also accepted as normal? Children deserve protection. They shouldn't be used as props for experimentation for insane politicians who have convinced them that they have the right to “choose” their gender.

Are you interested in knowing the worst thing about this? It's the fact that Joe Biden doesn't believe a single word about it. If he did, however, then you could put it down to mental illness. But he's doing this to gain political points, even as naive as it could be. He's actually willing to accept child abuse if the idea is that it can earn his political party some new supporters.

The elites of society, particularly those who are in the media, will say that you have to become “tolerant” of this nonsense. They'll tell you to stand watching as children are being victimized and everything that makes sense is thrown out of the window. They'll even beg to name you such as “transphobe” and “bigot.” But, you know what? \This isn't okay. This isn't normal. It's dangerous and must be prevented.

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