Man Bursts Into Flames After Being Tased

There are many times that refusing to be arrested is not a good idea. This lesson was highlighted by the arrest of a man in Arkansas earlier in the month.

According to dash cam footage, shortly after one a.m. on the 13th of October, police saw an unidentified man riding an unmarked black bike with the license plate from Little Rock. As the cruiser turned on its lighting, the bicycle fled the scene.

The biker sped through suburban zones at speeds that topped 90 miles an hour. He raced through stop lights as well as red lights before crashing into traffic that was coming towards him and at one point was close to colliding with another vehicle.

While on the freeway his hightailing speed reached 120 miles per hour.

In just over an hour, the lawbreaker ran across the Kroger parking lot before he slid into a nearby neighborhood. He anchored his crotch rocket in a tree, and then tried to run from the cops on foot. 

The man was soaring through the town like he was imagining the persona of John Wick. As captured on film, a police officer of the Arkansas State Police unholstered his Taser and shot at the felon who was fleeing. As the arrows hit the suspect and gave him a shock, the perpetrator went up in flames like The Death Star. 

One trooper called out the obvious “He's on fire!”

The human torch was able to rise, stumble ahead, then fall face-first. After a while of tumbling back, he sank on his feet, and moved to the other direction. It didn't take long before he slammed into the dirt, and began to spin like a Fourth-of July Jumping Jack.

In the end, the man decided that he'd prefer to be friendly with police officers and not be as on fire. So, his friendly demands:

“Help me! Please help me!”

The police retrieved an extinguisher, and took him away.

“I can't breathe!” He complained to the police.

Their reaction:

“None of us are able to. 

Another police officer said, “Good reason not to run, man.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” the original firework said.

So, why was it that The Mr. Motorbike got completely Captain Kerosene? YouTube channel Police Pursuits offers an explanation.

“In the absence of the troopers, the suspect carried an empty gas canister in his bag. The taser prongs probably caused the gas to leak out.”

He's a lucky flamer.

The burns were mostly superficial, however they are clearly very painful. He's likely to complete a full recovery.

The patient was transported for treatment at the Arkansas Children's Hospital, which has a specific burn unit.

It's a good reminder to not resist arrest. 

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