Person Who Wants More Cops Revealed as True Monster in Sex Assault Case

At the University of Pittsburgh, there's horrible crime on campus. However, perhaps even more troubling is the presence of the specter of a monster.

In the last month, Pitt saw the third report of sexual assault in the course of the year. This led to protests and a statement by Carrie Benson, senior manager for prevention and education at the Pitt Title IX office:

“The University does not and will not tolerate sexual assault and misconduct on our campuses, and we will continue to prioritize the important work of fostering a learning environment where every member of our university community feels safe, respected, and supported.”

Students from the university launched an appeal for change. One of the demands is security cameras and a requirement for identity proof for access to buildings. Additionally, the group demanded: the addition of campus police.

The appeal garnered around 6000 signatures. However, for some, its demand for police officers was a devious way to get rid of the petition.

From Pitt News:

“The protesters were not all in favor of the idea of more police presence on campus because they claimed that police presence is not a way to make students secure…”

“In reality the law enforcement agencies put lives at risk to those who aren't white.”

“The threat could be even to the security of Black or brown pupils…”

Racial politics were aflame. 

In the case of the report, around 4:10 p.m. Monday, a man of college age sexually assaulted an individual in the Cathedral staircase, before fleeing in a direction that is not known. The crime alert identified the suspect as being a college-aged thin Black male, with curly short “buzz cut” hair, stubble facial hair, and brown eyes. His height is estimated to be 5’8″-5'9″.

[One student] claimed that the victim was a white male who sexually assaulted her at Pitt in the month of October 2021. Pitt Police did not release an alert on a crime, however, five days later they released an alert on the alleged sexual assault perpetrated by the victim, a Black man.

In the midst of the threat of more KKK-like cops the petitioner experienced an epiphany. She signed a mea culpa and revoked the petition.

We live in a time of intrigue. Police appear to be our primary public enemy.

Back to the University of Pittsburgh, on Fox News Friday Greg Gutfeld digested a new perspective on danger

“[A]fter an assault on a woman there were some students more worried about police officers than the presence of the perpetrator. This occurs when the media distorts the likelihood that police shooters are involved. … This is…an accomplishment from the extreme Left which has us living in a time when youth believe that police are more dangerous than criminals. That's something that is pushed into society to eradicate it.”


“Using their logic, if you're at an ATM late at night, you're better off if the guy behind you is wearing a ski mask than a cop's hat.”

Through Reddit, the petition's creator admitted to being:

“I…want to express my deep sorry for the whole thing. I wanted to be a catalyst for positive change at the universityI have close friends who have been victims of sexual assault, and it's a matter that is very close to me. If I had the chance to take the whole thing back, I'm sure I'd do it.

“The fact that it seems like more campus cops are being added because of something that I did makes me a monster, and I know that.”

Halloween is in full swing and there's a lot of spookiness in the air. Beware of the monsters, AKA those who'd like more security to feel safer. They might be used for purposes of good. Monsters may repel sexual predators.

This is the way of life in America.

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