Ron DeSantis Crushes Opponent in Debate

Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist were on the same stage Monday night in the first and sole governor's debate of the cycle. With only two weeks left until the election, it was the last opportunity for Crist to display his campaign in the face of the bully pulpit of the incumbent governor.

What did it mean on behalf of the Democrat? It's up to the voters to come to their own opinions on this. But, the stomping by DeSantis was so thorough that it’s hard to know where to begin. 

There are a few moments worth sharing, starting with the first line of the night by DeSantis.

That witty uppercut actually occurred during the debate, and served as a glimpse of the debate to come when DeSantis got hammered by Crist. One of the governor's best comments was on the topic regarding “gender-affirming care” for children, the issue that he has led the way on, as a number of other Republican political leaders have shied away.

Crist was caught off-guard and he began speaking about abortion when asked on the issue of child mutilation taking place in “transgender clinics” across the across the country. There is no reason for the policies he and his political party members support. It's not shocking considering there is no justification against cutting off the breasts of a teenager or sterilizing a teenager.

In the area of education, DeSantis was at his wits end and hammered Crist for refusing to support a bill that blocks the teaching of sexuality to children by teachers. Crist's support of shutting down schools and imposing COVID vaccinations on children was also discussed.

The subject of crime followed by a flurry of controversy with Crist trying to appear tough on crime, despite previously seeking to reduce the funding of the police until 2021.

In the area of drugs, DeSantis justified his decision to increase penalties against drug dealers who sell deadly substances, such as te fentanyl, saying that he's treating them as criminals that they are. The critical aspect of Race Theory in schools was also covered as DeSantis stated, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Let’s end with this epic of an attack from DeSantis. In it, he tears Crist to pieces.

Maybe there's a universe in which Crist wins the race following the humiliation he suffered in the debate. Not in this world though. Here, DeSantis will triumph comfortably. And the moment he does, his name, his image will grow higher and we know the terror that will strike at the heart of liberals all over the world.

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