The Left’s Desperation is Palpable

It’s not clear who will be more upset when the day comes when Donald Trump is no longer the face of the Republican Party – those who love Donald Trump? Or those who despise Trump? It's difficult not to be struck by the large portion of the population that appears to be fuelled by their hatred of the Bad Orange Man.

It's also hard to not be aware of the efforts to portray him as the Devil incarnate and, consequently, any person who does not publicly despise him is in turn evil by association. This of course includes all Republican candidates who suggest that they are not milquetoast doormats to the Democrats.

That leads to the issue of Ron DeSantis – it's no secret that the Florida governor is widely believed to be the likely successor to Trump – a person who has some of Trump's strengths, but not all of his flaws in character. Additionally, he's someone the media has decided must be removed before it's too late.They've thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him but this latest attack is the best, or is it chicken? According to The Financial Times, a “friend” has claimed that DeSantis at the time of his college days, would use “thigh food” rather than “Thai food” to see whether dates would correct him. If this was an experiment or a joke, or a simple mistake and if that's all they can come up with to argue about, it’s easy to say that their political goose is fried.

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