Biden Pushes the Omicron Booster

On Tuesday, Joe Biden walked up to the podium, looked at the cabinet members, stared at the teleprompter, and read out his scripted remarks: America, “get your COVID booster shot.”

“For most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need,” Biden said in front of the White House. “And if you get it, you’ll be protected. And if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk.”

“I’m calling on All Americans … all Americans to get their shot, just as soon as they can.”

Many Americans got the first shot. Others got two shots. Many of the vaccinated did so because of elderly family members. 

Americans listened to the suggestions of experts and made the right decisions. However, numerous individuals have read up about the vaccines in the interim and won’t be getting another booster.

Older people can, if they so desire, get a third, the fourth, or even fifth booster. However, others will pass on the boosters by making well-informed decisions.

Most of the time people go to doctor's appointments, they are now asked if they want to get the vaccination or a booster. Many will say no to the booster. 

In case you wonder why: 

Updated mRNA booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna – okayed for human use on the basis of data from a handful of mice – actually produce fewer useful antibodies against Omicron than a fourth jab with the original formulation.

People are free to make their own educated decisions. A white paper on the effectiveness in the Omicron booster, titled Antibody responses to Omicron BA.4/BA.5 bivalent mRNA vaccine booster shot, was recently published. The paper comes from an expert in virology, who probably is more knowledgeable about this topic than Joe Biden.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who has just been diagnosed with COVID, is back and has released a video warning America to take the booster. Walensky has recited the talking points of Biden's Administration and has done a terrible job of doing it. However, she's extremely secure. She was boosted and then got COVID again. Yes, she got the booster but still suffered from COVID. There is a pattern here. The evidence indicates that the booster can provide some weeks of partial protection. However, it could actually provide no protection against the latest variations.

Wait, what?

Healthy people didn't get the COVID booster and won’t ever get a booster (unless it really is effective) and have described COVID symptoms as similar to the symptoms of a cold.

If you're overweight or have diabetes, the odds might tell you to get a booster. 

You can get the booster. If it does help, fantastic. We should be able to make our own choices regarding it.

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