Elon Musk Gains Control Over Twitter

In 2021, Lorena Gonzalez, a degenerate California politician, tweeted to Elon Musk, “F*** Elon Musk.” Musk took her wishes seriously and relocated his operations from California to Texas. Musk took his tax base and payroll along with him, causing California to lose millions of dollars every year.

When Musk discovered that Twitter banned and shadow-banning users because the biased people who run Twitter did not like conservative views, Musk promised to buy Twitter and restore it to an open forum for debate. The people at Twitter were shocked. They are still and even more now as the new boss is currently at work.

Elon Musk entered the front door carrying a kitchen sink. Apart from “let that sink in,” might it be an indication that he's going to clean house? Whatever the reason, he's pledged to cut down on 75 percent of the Twitter-force. After their crying stopped, the leftist employees cleaned up their tears and “threatened” Musk. They would like to keep their jobs. Their ineffective threats were just words and shouldn’t cause Musk any concern.

Musk is about to begin bringing changes to Twitter. This should be fun to see.

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