Good Guy with A Gun Confronts Man Brutally Beating His Pregnant Girlfriend, Bringing an End to the Situation

Despite the absurdity of those coming against gun owners like controversial New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul, who recently declared, there's “no such thing as a good guy with a gun,” facts show the idiocy of those threatening Second Amendment rights, whether that is Joe Biden or other Democrats.

The most recent case was in July when a 22-year-old hero stopped a potential mass murderer at an Indianapolis-area mall within 15 seconds. The shooter emerged from the bathroom firing his gun and killed three people.

But, those dead-set against guns emerged from the woodwork to denounce the hero and one of them tweeted:

Why did he bring a gun shopping, in a specified gun-free zone? Hmm, not so good by definition. What if he was there to shoot people?

Fortunately, the “good guy with a gun” stories go on despite the insane behavior by the left. 

According to the Miami Herald, another good man with a gun was seen drawing his weapon outside a supermarket in Florida during the weekend as a response to a pregnant woman who was being assaulted and kicked in her forehead by her boyfriend. It's not surprising that the gentleman was able to put an end to this brutal assault quickly.

The woman claimed to have told Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies that her boyfriend, a Cole Danisment, who is 27 years old, became angry and repeatedly hit at her face while parking in the Publix in Largo about fifteen minutes after 5 p.m. on Saturday. Largo is about 45 minutes to the southwest of Tampa.

The Herald reported that the victim was “covered in large amounts of blood” and also suffered the possibility of a broken nose during the assault. The victim told police that Danisment knew she was pregnant at 14 weeks with his baby. 

The person who witnessed the assault told police that he was worried for the woman’s life, which prompted his intervention. As per the declaration, Danisment didn’t stop his assault of the woman until he saw that the suspect was armed. Deputies also said that there was a no-contact warrant against Danisment following his arrest for the charge of domestic battery a week earlier, but it didn't end Danisment from continuing his “pattern of violence” toward his girlfriend.

The suspect admitted that he had assaulted his girlfriend but told officers that he “saw red” and couldn't remember what happened following “blacking out,” the Herald stated, citing an affidavit. Danisment was arrested for assault on a domestic partner and was admitted to the Pinellas County Jail, where he was held with a $20,000 bond, according to the newspaper.

It is not likely if this man viciously stomped and beat the forehead of his pregnant girlfriend due to “seeing red” and later “blacked out.” If that were true, how did the good Samaritan stop him from continuing by simply pointing out his gun? His claim was too absurd to be believable. 

That's it. The gun was not fired. However, the sight of a heroic witness pointing his gun at a lunatic who had an arrest warrant from the past for a savage attack on his pregnant girlfriend was enough to deter this man from possibly killing the young woman as well as his unborn child.

The Bottom Line

Gun control vs. Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, abortion on demand, climate change, green energy, and “transgender” rights, at‌ the forefront of the Democrat agenda. Anything that goes against the narratives of the left on these issues has to be slammed, debunked, or even hidden from the public eye.

This should inform any sensible person that Democrat Party is scared of the reality.

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