Human Smuggling Bust in Unexpected Place by Texas Border Authorities

The criminals known as “coyotes” have no compunction for using other human beings and their suffering/desperation to fill their bank accounts, and they are using new tactics to elude law enforcement authorities on the southern border.

In September, the federal government conducted a significant bust of their own. This could be a lifesaver for many of the potential victims. Fox News reported that they seized a ring of eight individuals that ran an operation to smuggle human beings. This operation smuggled “hundreds” of illegal aliens and migrants while netting more than $2 million.

The operation led by Joint Task Force Alpha produced the arrest of Erminia Serrano Piedra, also known as “Boss Lady,” and seven others who are thought to be contributing to the wave of illegal immigration into the U.S.

In a Tuesday press conference, officials said the eight who are facing charges conspired to illegally transport and shield hundreds of migrants in “dehumanizing” conditions where the threat of serious harm and death was “ever-present,” for a profit of nearly $2.3 million.

“This human smuggling organization operated on an enormous scale, placing a high value on financial profit, while putting migrants’ lives at great risk,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division said in a statement.

However, in the latest instance of the police crackdown, Texas officials were responsible for the arrest. There is a strong doubt whether the Biden administration could have accomplished this based on the location the smugglers were hiding the illegals.

Fox News:

Texas authorities halted a vehicle attempting to carry more than 60 illegal immigrants across the border into the U.S. on Monday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced the bust on Monday, saying the driver attempted to smuggle the individuals inside a dump truck. The driver has since been arrested and the migrants were turned over to border officials, TDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez announced on Twitter.

The latest Fox News report continues and includes the authorities' descriptions of another clever way coyotes have been using to get people into their territory, and the fact that they lack the manpower or resources in order to stop this:

Images from the scene show dozens of migrants, all young males, climbing out of the back of a dump truck.

“We’re seeing an increase,” Olivarez said of human smuggling attempts by plane. “It’s started to become more common. But … these are small, private airports. They’re not using the larger airports where there’s TSA. These are the smaller airports where you don’t have the security measures in place for private planes. It’s kind of hard to … do surveillance at every single airport.”

However, it is important that the Lone Star state does its part to set an example by stopping this clever scam by criminals. Joe Biden and his administration might pick up some ideas from this.

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