John Fetterman’s Debate Was Worse Than Expected

The debate that took place between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz was very disturbing.

It was so bad that if you didn't see it, you won't be able to comprehend how awful it was. It was a sham. If you're only reading a few statements or watching short video clips, you won’t be able to comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy that took place.

Those who watched it might have been expecting Fetterman to live up to the low expectations that were set for him. However, he's far worse off than was previously exposed, and to demonstrate this, there are many examples, but three will be discussed here. 

The first example is Fetterman's explanation regarding not disclosing the details of his medical history, a question that's likely to be top of mind due to his recent performance.

When asked, “Will you pledge tonight to release those [medical] records in the interest of transparency?,” Fetterman said, “No.”

This entire piece could be spent talking about the utterly unqualified state Fetterman is in regarding his mental functioning. The mainstream media this past week claimed that all he required was closed captioning and that he was in good health. This myth was disproved during the debate. Fetterman doesn't only struggle to process what is being said. He also cannot process what he would like to say. It is far more than just struggling to remember now and then.

In regards to his medical records, Fetterman was given the chance during the debate to say he would release the records. Instead, he mumbled about “my doctor” even though that doctor is a political donor. His actual words were mostly incomprehensible.

Beyond that, regarding fracking, Fetterman was confronted over his statement from 2018 that he didn't support this drilling method. Instead of trying to clarify his position in any way, the Democrat simply kept repeating “I'm a fracking supporter” as if he were stuck on only one line.

RNC Research tweeted: 

Fetterman: “I absolutely support fracking.” 

Moderator: “In a 2018 interview, you said ‘I don’t support fracking at all. I never have.” 

Fetterman: “I’ve always supported fracking.” 


Apart from the bizarre mental breakdown that occurred in his response, Fetterman is lying and that's just as awful considering that he's aspiring to get elected to the US Senate. He has been against fracking throughout his career until recently, and it seemed like that he was using his status to hide his actions in this case as if he thought that the moderator would simply go on.

Another part of the debate showed the extent to which Fetterman's brain is broken, when he interrupted Oz's closing remarks. tweeted: 

Another random Fetterman outburst as Dr. Oz gives his closing statement:

“You want to cut social security!”

He shouldn’t have interrupted Oz’s closing remarks. This doesn’t usually happen at debates and even the aggressive candidates adhere to this rule. But, Fetterman randomly started shouting about social security, which Oz was not even discussing. It was a shocking scene that showed Fetterman does not just have significant cognitive problems, but there are also issues with control. It seemed like Fetterman didn't know what portion of the argument the debate was in.

Many journalists clearly lied about Fetterman’s condition to the American people. They knew that he wasn’t doing well but maintained that he just missed a word or two occasionally. The debate was an opportunity to see the reality, however. Fetterman isn't suitable for the job and the truth has come out.

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