Pennsylvania Debate Was Over After Fetterman’s Initial Response, but as Debate Continued, His Situation Became More Apparent

It's difficult to quantify how awful the Fetterman-Oz argument was. It was a mistake for him to agree to it, since he was so bad on every issue. It was evident that he didn't understand most of the time what was happening, and the majority of his explanations were not logical.

It was clear it would be a disaster from the beginning, with Fetterman's opening statement in the debate. Fetterman said to everyone “good night,” as if the debate was concluded. This was the start of the debate and it was all over with at that point.

It was only worse from there on. It's worth noting that, while Fetterman was terrible, Mehmet Oz was pretty impressive. He had excellent and well-thought-out answers to every question. He's a smart man and demonstrated that with his sharp and precise responses. The handful of times Fetterman was able to come up with any obvious attack on his opponent, he would turn it around and take Fetterman out.

Fetterman attempted to speak about Dr. Oz's numerous homes. Oz switched the conversation around by declaring that Fetterman was helped by his parents and that he bought a house from his sister for just a dollar. It was a wonderful response. Fetterman's response made no sense. It appeared as if that he was trying to replicate the words Oz said. Fetterman replied, “He got his Pennsylvania house from his own in ladies for $1. That's typical.”

Fetterman lied about his time as Braddock mayor, claiming his administration reduced the number of crimes during his tenure, but things only got worse. Then Oz confronted him for stating that. He accused Fetterman of taking down a harmless black jogger, placing a gun to his chest, and not apologizing for the mistake. Fetterman's reaction was absolutely demeaning and lacked any logic.

“Everybody in Braddock, an overwhelmingly majority community of black community all understood what happened …and nobody believes that it was anything about me making a split-second decision to defend our community.” Oz asked him to explain why he didn't apologize, however, Fetterman could not answer the question.

It was a complete chaos, and it was obvious why they had only one debate. This is however likely to help Oz when it comes to the election.

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