The Moment that Could Decide the Race Between Zeldin and Hochul for NY Governor

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was fighting hard in his debate Tuesday with Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The main theme of their campaigns has been crime, which is the most prominent problem for New York. Zeldin has focused intently on the issue and has narrowed the gap he had with Hochul. The most recent poll showed Zeldin leading by just 1 percent. It could be that Zeldin is ahead by more.

Zeldin destroyed Hochul regarding crime. Hochul demonstrated how limited the Democrats' position was in this regard, with the only thing they can discuss being the issue of gun violence. They're not interested in attempting to address the increase in crime, apart from gun-related crimes (not that gun regulation could actually stop crimes involving guns). Zeldin gave a powerful and passionate defense of New Yorkers, including himself, who have suffered the horrors of crime.

That's why Hochul was so determined to not debate; she's not good at it. Zeldin was clearly feeling the points he was making, but she smiled and looked like she'd rather be somewhere else.

Here is an example to show what Zeldin was discussing and why crime is such a crucial problem for New Yorkers: Lidia Curanaj wrote on Twitter, “Subway shover under arrest. His name: Lamale McRae whose rap sheet includes 20 prior arrests, one for shooting a person. ARE YOU SURPRISED?”

Even if the police do arrest suspects, the district attorney lets criminals go back in the streets. That was the principal point Zeldin made. This is why there are numerous people, such as the subway shover, who had many arrests.

However, just as the Fetterman and Oz debate was over nearly from the very first comment, Hochul did herself in with a particular response. Zeldin stated that Hochul was not in favor of putting people in jail. Hochul claimed that “Anyone who commits a crime under our laws…has consequences.” This is clearly not true, as most New Yorkers know. 

“I don't know why that's so important to you,” Hochul declared.

That's the moment when Lee Zeldin became Governor of New York right there. Hochul is an inept bureaucrat and a terrible debater. If she is unable to comprehend the reason why locking criminals up is so important to the citizens in New York, what is she doing in her office? This is a big issue as New Yorkers, aside from Hochul, know.

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