Joe Biden Needed a Handler After a Speech Full of Lies

The headline isn't intended to be humorous. Joe Biden actually did need someone to guide him after his remarks on Thursday. 

The president devoted the majority of his time trying to boast about the economy and during this, some truly unbelievable falsehoods were expressed. In particular, apparently the cost of gas was $5.00 at the time Biden was elected, or so he claimed.

This country needs a higher level of lying because this is embarrassing. The price of gas was $2.39 per gallon the day that Biden was inaugurated. We all know this because we filled our vehicles and trucks at around half the cost as today. In fact, as said above, gasoline did not reach $5.00 per gallon until more than a year into the presidency. The idea that gas prices have decreased compared to the previous administration is simply absurd.

Then, according to his reports, inflation is going down.

Inflation actually increased 0.4 percent between August and September, and the core CPI also rose. The reason that the number was lower is that it's a year-to -year measure and inflation was so high last year that the gap narrowed somewhat. Concerning the claim regarding real incomes, they have in fact declined since Biden began his presidency, so that was false as well.

The president even claimed that the net worth of families has been increasing since he was elected. Biden said, “Families have more net worth today than they did before the pandemic.”

Biden made his fortune by abusing the power of the state. However, someone should give him an idea of what a typical retirement account is like. A majority of people have lost between 20 and 30 percent of their worth over the past six months. Hopefully things will improve when Republicans take back control of the House.

However, Biden’s statement reveals the deep disconnection and lack of respect from and towards ordinary Americans. Our net worths aren't rising. They're being smashed by the president's policies. He should stop lying about these things.

The lies became more ridiculous as they went on. In a different section of his speech, Biden said he quit playing football at the University of Delaware to go visit his former wife.

What's the truth? Biden was in fact unable to maintain at the very least the minimum of a 2.0 GPA to continue to be on the team. Does this surprise anyone? The president is a politician who's stumbled forward through sheer luck and waiting for his turn. It's ridiculous to look into.

It's also horrible to have a president that needs to be shown how and where to sit after giving a speech.

Stages are Biden's worst nightmare. It doesn't matter how neatly constructed they are, Biden is bound to wander around and get lost. In this case, a woman (possibly Senator Kirsten Gillibrand) had to intervene to help him back to his seat.

What was interesting was the speed with which that save was made. Other Democrat politicians now realize that they're facing a frail old man who needs constant help. Biden was wandering for only a few seconds before someone grabbed his hand and helped him to his chair. It's both sad and funny but is normal behavior for him.

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