Schumer Confirms Democrats Might Not Win Georgia Senate Seat with Evidence to Prove It

There was an incident with a hot mic featuring Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer (D-NY) briefing Joe Biden on the midterms in a shocking moment. He was of the opinion that Democrats did not lose too much from the awful Senate debate in Pennsylvania. And yet, Oz is now ahead of Fetterman in the race, with perhaps not all the responses from the debate in yet. Maybe Schumer is simply happy Fetterman does not have any support given how terrible his performance in the debate. However, it appears they'll be defeated in Pennsylvania.

What was interesting was Schumer's perspective on Georgia's Senate election.

“The state where we’re going downhill is Georgia. It’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker,” Schumer told reporters.

One would assume that Schumer has been looking at internal polls. With the efforts they've put into trying to eliminate Walker from the race, it seems as if they're aware they're in trouble, if Schumer is being truthful.

However, Schumer isn't the only example of this. The latest poll by Rasmussen has Walker ahead by a substantial amount at 5 points. Walker is ahead with 48 percent of voters backing him and Senator Raphael Warnock at 43 percent. Four percent of respondents said they would like different people and four percent remain undecided.

This is in addition to more than 1000 people being surveyed and is way beyond even the error margin. It's looking great for Walker in a time when his campaign is perhaps among the toughest and with Democrats throwing all sorts of accusations at him. If this poll is correct, it suggests that the stories about abortion aren't having the impact Democrats would like.

If no candidate gets more than 50% during the election in Georgia, the result would be the possibility of a run-off. However, if you believe that the Rasmussen poll is correct, Walker only needs half of the undecideds to get the needed 50 percent. Warnock would need more votes from somewhere, even if he had all the undecideds voting for him.

It appears that Walker has the edge over the independents in the poll as well.

Walker’s lead is mainly due to his 14-point margin among independent voters. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Georgia Republican voters would vote for Walker and 81% of Democrats would vote for Warnock, while among voters not affiliated with either major party, Walker leads 49% to 35%.

The poll also provides some other clues which could be helpful to Walker. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is up in his contest with Stacey Abrams by 10 points, with the votes at 51 to 41 percent. The poll also indicates that if voters were to vote for President this November, 47 percent of them would choose the president Donald Trump and 39 percent Joe Biden.

Walker is currently leading with an average lead of 0.6 percent across all the major polls, as per RealClearPolitics. Daily Wire/Trafalgar has Walker up by 2 points. A different poll that isn't part of the RCP evaluation, the co-efficient group poll, shows Walker up 3 points using the D+2 sample (so it's likely to be more favorable). Although Rasmussen might be a bit higher, it's on par with other polls that show Walker is on the rise.

It's becoming increasingly likely that Republicans will be able to secure the seats they have to hang on to, and could win Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. They might also win New Hampshire, which would be amazing.

It's no wonder that Schumer is having a meltdown.

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